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If you are NOT like the person mentioned above and you want to come hang out with someone who isn’t a Supermom either, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.
We hope your homes are filled with love, laughter, happiness and good health.
Remember what the season is for.
Happy Birthday Jesus!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010’s Funny Facebook Postings Part 1 of 2

I never thought about all the little sayings I posted on Facebook about my son and how someday he might enjoy reading them. So I went back through them and copied them all down. Whew! That was a job and I don’t even post that much! So here is the first six months. When December is done, I will post them, too.
You might want to do something similar for your children. They may enjoy hearing what was happening when they were little at the time it was happening.


· Jacob is watching the Cars movie for the zillionth time. He LOVES this movie so much! He calls it "Pachow". I don't like for him to watch too much TV, but letting him watch this once or twice a week sure allows me to get something done! OK, I admit it, it's my favorite movie, too!


· It’s amazing how a 2 year old turning the computer’s power button on and off really fast while it’s trying to install updates can cause more damage to your operating system than any virus! Ugggh!


· My 2 year old brought me his battery operated toy car that quit working. With big sad eyes and very upset he holds his car up to me and says, ”Fix car?” New batteries didn’t work, so I decided to take it apart. After mending a broken wire, handing it back to him and seeing his big smile, that was worth more to me than any paycheck I have ever received before. Five minutes of my time made me a hero in his eyes.


· A typical 20 second conversation with my 2 year old. “Jake, will you pick up your crayons please? “NO!” “Jake, please drink your juice in the kitchen.” “NO!” “Jake, are you done eating?” “NO!” “Then sit back down.” “NO!” “Jake, do you have to go potty?” NO!” “Jake, did you just go pee-pee in your pants?” “NO!” “Jake, do you want to go to the track to see the cars?” “YES!”

· What I would give to have an ounce of my 2 year old's energy level.

· My 2 year old locked the front door behind me as I went outside to get something. Luckily I managed to beat him to the backdoor before he did! What have I learned? To always take my keys with me!

· Why do little kids at night in bed flop around like fish in the bottom of a boat? I am up 3-4 times a night covering my son back up. He wakes me up as he gets cold and I find him huddled up in a ball crying with the blanket balled up on the other side of the bed. I guess I am going to have to velcro it to his body.


· We were laughing the other day when Jim's blue '63 vette and Stevie's red '63 vette were on the line, Jake started jumping up and down screaming that The King & Pachow (that's what he calls Lighting McQueen) from the movie Cars were on the line racing! He loves those cars. That's my boy!


· I've worked for some pretty demanding bosses in my time, but by far the most demanding is my 2 year old. Though he's tough to please, my performance reviews from him have been great and unlike other bosses, I'll accept his kisses as payment. lol :)

· How do you convince a 2 year old that there is no racing today? He doesn't believe me!

· Take 1 screaming mad toddler + 1 haircut + exasperated hair stylist = 1 big, fat tip.

· Finally got cable with Speed channel. While staying up with sick little one, watching neat shows like Pass Time and Pinks. The motor sounds help Jake to sleep as he loves race cars. :)

· So proud of my little one! He is now using the bathroom on his own. Only thing he needs help with is turn the water on and off and help with putting his pants back on. Not bad for a 28 month old!

Friday, December 10, 2010

50% off Michaels's Coupon

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Always check for coupons before heading out to the stores! Saving money makes the holiday all the more merrier!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Save Big at Amazon

Planning on doing some online shopping? Don't miss Amazon's Deals pages.
Now through December 23, 2010 you can save big at Amazon on toys, electronics, movies, video games and more!

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I try and never pay full price for something. Getting a good deal on a gift for someone else is like getting a gift for yourself.

Save $10 of $25 on a Yankee Candle

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I like how they totally burn down, not just down the center of the candle and I love their easy lighting wicks. Not to mention their lovely scents. They really smell authentic.

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Bath & Body Works $10 off $10 Purchase (online)

If you're like me, you may like some of the gift sets Bath & Body Works has, but have a really hard time walking into that store because of all the overwhelming smells.

Too many strong smelling items crammed together in that small space makes my head swim and my sinuses throb. I'm sure most men know what I mean.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Coupons Reloaded

Coupons.com has reloaded with all new coupons just in time for the baking season.

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Still Trying To Please Everybody?

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."
~Bill Cosby

If you are still trying to please everybody, then how’s that working for you?

I know from time to time that I am guilty of trying to please everybody. I want to make sure everyone is happy. I make the mistake in thinking that I am responsible for other people’s happiness, when in truth I am not. You are only responsible for your own happiness.

Still, that doesn’t stop us people pleasers. We bend over backwards to help people and try to make their lives a little easier. We will do this at the price of our own health and sanity. We often times stretch ourselves so thin, that we break under the pressure. We don’t set out to be that way, we just love and care about the people around us. We want them to be happy and when we do something that elicits a positive response we want to keep doing it.

The problem with that is it becomes a vicious cycle. We do something to help someone else that makes them happy. In turn it makes us feel good so we keep on doing it. Ultimately you become worn out, used up and taken for granted. And believe me, other people will begin to expect certain things from you and then you feel the need to not let them down.

So what can you do to break the cycle? Start by taking care of your own needs first for a change. Now I’m not advocating ignoring the needs of your children or other close family members. I am suggesting that the best way to help others is to help yourself first, then be very selective on what you do and for whom.

“But aren’t we supposed to help everyone?” you ask. Yes, we are expected to help others, but no one expects one person to do it all. You are not meant to overdo it. You must choose where you want to help and who will most benefit from your help. Then gently let go of the rest. Learning to politely say the word, “No” is a very hard lesson to learn, but must be learned if you expect to enjoy life.

The bigger the circle of people in your life, the more selective you must be in how much you help. You can only go so far, so choose wisely. Select who you will keep in your inner circle, the ones closest to you. Help the people outside your close inner circle only when you have the time, the resources and feel you are the best person for the job. Sometimes the best way to help them may be to suggest a different source, whether it be a mutual friend or a professional.

So you want to continue to help others? Great, just be sure to do it wisely. Start by helping yourself first, then your inner circle of the people closest to you, then someone else outside your circle next and only if you can without over extending yourself.

God said to love one another and help each other. He didn’t say to kill yourself trying to help everyone!

So remember this good advice,
"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."
~Bill Cosby

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Sometimes We Need Comforting, too.

"As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you," says the Lord.
~Isaiah 66:13

In this holiday time, sad feelings can overtake us. Even though we may feel joyful around others, when we are alone such as driving home from work, in the shower or standing in line at the grocery store, sad, even lonely feelings can somehow overtake us.

Does it mean we are depressed? Does it mean we are ungrateful? Does it mean we are oblivious to our blessings? The answer can be both yes and no.

Sometimes we do have a chemical imbalance in our brains and are clinically depressed. If your feelings of sadness last for weeks with no breaks from it, then it’s time to see a doctor. However, if the feelings come and go and are short term, then you might just be suffering from burnout or a case of disconnect.

We can have the best of families, the most fulfilling career and all our basic need fully met and then some and still feel like something is missing. You may ask yourself why you feel that way. Maybe you’ve over-committed yourself and are just tired. Maybe there is some unresolved conflict you need to address, whether it be with a co-worker or more closer to home with a loved one. Either way you need to “fix” it. Or maybe you realize something is missing, but just aren’t sure exactly what that is.

It could be that you’ve lost your way to God. Though we may feel loved by God we may not feel connected. And we only have ourselves to blame for God is always there. It is us that have disconnected the ties. We only need to reconnect with God to fill that void that may be causing our unhappiness. And like a patient parent, He waits for us to come back to Him.

There are times that our blue feelings have merit. Missing a loved one who is gone, worry over finances or job loss, a child who has somehow lost his way. The reasons could be endless. This is the time to go to God and ask for more than just His help. Sometimes you just need to be comforted. Just like a child sometimes needs to climb into your lap and be comforted.

We do more than help our children when they need us, we also comfort them when they are hurting, both physically and emotionally. Just as we are with our children so is God with us. All we need do is to ask, to reconnect, to reach out and ask to be comforted. He is waiting for us.

So remember what the Lord has said,
"As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you."
~Isaiah 66:13

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Over-Commitment This Holiday - Sounds Like Something You Do?

"Over-commitment kills relationships and steals joy."
~Susie Larson

Are you starting to over-commit yourself already this holiday season? Are you secretly dreading the holidays and can’t wait till they’re over because of all the work that’s in store for you? Then maybe you are over-committing yourself.

When you promise too much to too many people you aren’t helping any. You are actually harming. You are harming yourself and the ones around you, because when you over-commit by promising too much, you end up worn out, grouchy and depressed. This causes the people around you harm when your actions reflect your bad mood. In essence, you hurt their feelings. You get short tempered with your kids for causing more havoc and chaos (why can’t they behave better?), you get angry at your spouse for not helping more (after all they are his parents!), and irritated with your family for expecting you to do it all (can’t someone else host the party this year for a change?)

So, how can you stop over-committing yourself and still get all the things done on your to do list? Well, the simple answer is, you can’t.

Sometimes, doing less is actually doing more. Sit down with your spouse and your children if they are older and make a list of all the things you think you need to do. Then prioritize. Do you really need to attend all the parties you’ve been invited to? No, of course not. Find out if there is one thing that is really important to anyone in your household they want to attend and only commit to those activities. School plays and any religious ceremonies might be some important ones not to miss.

If you feel you must attend more than one holiday party, then make your appearance brief, but friendly. An hour is long enough as long as you make a point to try and visit with everyone briefly and remember to be lively. Just long enough for them to know you were there, but not so long as to cut too much into your time.

And don’t bother making something from scratch if you feel it’s too much to do right now. Just swing by the grocery store and pick up some cookies or cupcakes. Buy a cheap plastic, decorative plate and have it ready for you to transfer the goodies from the store’s plastic box onto your plate and no one will be the wiser. Some inexpensive bouquet of flowers or wine for the hostess is also a nice touch.

When it comes to hosting your own family holiday party, it’s OK to ask for help. Ask everyone to bring something to share. So what if everyone shows up with desserts. Most people won’t complain about having more choices in goodies.

Also, though we are all trying to be more Eco friendly, I think it’s OK to occasionally break out the plastic utensils and paper plates. What dishes you do have, ask for help cleaning up. Some great conversations are to be had when one is washing, one is rinsing and one or more is drying.

Keep the menu simple, no big turkeys or hams unless you really want to. If someone makes a snide comment about the store bought cold cuts tray, then smile and say you look forward to attending next year’s party at their house!

If you do want to cook, then ask for help making the side dishes. Light some candles, put on some music and crack open a bottle of wine for the helpers to make it fun. Cooking can be fun and festive with a group of people and some good conversation. Your guests will enjoy themselves and you more if everyone, including their hostess is having a good time.

Shortly before the holiday’s craziness begins make an appointment for yourself at a salon. Just make sure to make your appointment weeks ahead of time as this is their busy season. Get your hair done, your nails and maybe even a massage. Taking some special time for yourself and maybe giving yourself a new look does wonders for your mood and your outlook.

Most of all remember what the season is all about. It will help put things into perspective.

Then sit back, enjoy your loved ones and accept all the compliments on a great time had by all!

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When Little Boys Are Quiet

"Admit it. When the girl's are quiet, all's sweetness and light. When the boys are quiet, someone better check on them."
~Hal and Melanie Young

So true. I know when my son is quiet I better drop everything and check on him. He’s either doing something dangerous or something destructive.

It may be that way for some girls, too, but boys tend to be more secretive in their exploration of new things and their ultimate destruction.

I wonder why that is. I wonder why boys are so secretive. I'm not totally convinced it's because they are purposely trying to conceal their actions, especially when they are toddlers. I think it's more of a fact that they get so engrossed in their play, they block out the rest of the world. At least until they get past the toddler stage. Then their secretness takes on a whole other purpose.

How can I teach my son to enjoy and explore his surroundings, but not learn to hide things from me? I understand as time passes he may pull away from me more and keep secrets from me, but how do I keep that to a minimum? How do I teach him to come to me when it’s something really important?

Right now, his concealment is limited to coloring on a wall with a crayon or playing with an ink pen he managed to reach off of the counter. But later this might gradually turn into playing with matches, bullying another child or being bullied. It may then later be succumbing to peer pressure and smoking and trying drugs.

It’s innocent and cute now, but how do I gently teach him to come to me? I may start by teaching him that God sees and knows all that he does. He knows the secrets my son keeps in his heart. But I must temper that with teaching him that even though God knows all that he is thinking and doing, God will also welcome him into His confidence. I must teach my son that God encourages us all to come to Him with our secrets, our worries, our concerns and our problems and know that our secrets are safe with Him.

Maybe if I teach my son that even if he can’t come to me, he can always go to God. Then in doing so, he may also learn that he can come to me as well. God may very well tell him to go to his mother (or father) for the help and security he seeks.

I have learned that when you have trouble trusting anyone, trusting in God first helps us learn to eventually trust others again. This is what I must first teach my son, to trust God first, then to learn to trust his parents as well.

I must be the parent he seeks. One he can trust, one he can turn to when he needs me. So for now in the present I will be there to encourage him when he does right. Reward him for telling me the truth and gently, but firmly correct him when he conceals his errors. I must always, always be there for him. Just like God is always, always there for His children.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Prestone Antifreeze Rebate Deal

I stumbled across this deal by accident. Sometimes good deals aren't advertised.
I was shopping for antifreeze when I noticed Prestone antifreeze had a great rebate deal that offered a $7.00 rebate for each bottle purchased - limit two per household.
This made the name brand coolant cheaper than the cheapest store brand!
I bought mine at Meijers and the rebate form printed at the register.
Just remember to save your receipt and the foil seals off of the top of the bottles. My poor husband had to go out and search around on the garage floor and driveway for ours!
Fill out the form and send it in your original receipt plus the foil seals and wait for your $14!

Toys R Us Extending Cyber Monday Deals!

Toys R Us are extending their Cyber Monday sales deals till Tuesday Nov. 30 till 1:00.
So if you need to do more shopping or forgot a gift you wanted to get, head on over to Toys R Us and see if you can still snag a Cyber Monday deal!
Check it out at http://www.toysrus.com/

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving.
I am very thankful for all the blessings in my life.
I hope you enjoy many blessings, too.

And remember,
“Gratitude consists of being more aware of what you have, than what you don’t. “
~Author Unknown

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Car Seat Warning

Today my son and I went to the grocery like we have done countless times. His car seat rarely is removed from our car. Well, today when we arrived I unlatched his belts and to my horror had discovered that one of the shoulder belts had become detached from that metal plate in the back.

On most all car seats is a small metal plate located on the back that holds all three belts – the shoulder belts that thread through the back of the seat and the ones that go over the lap and between the legs. These belts are sewed to a piece that runs under the base of the car seat and hooks to this metal plate along with the shoulder belts.

If you have ever had to re-thread the belts you know what plate I’m talking about. It has hooks that the belt loops slide over and the way it’s designed you would think it would be virtually impossible for the belts to slide off on their own. Today I found out that it’s possible.

Since our car seat is rarely removed, it must have been all the countless loosening and re-tightening of the belts that caused the loop to slowly wind its way around the hooks on the plate and come off.

I periodically check to make sure the seat belt that secures the car seat to the seat is latched and snug, but I never thought of checking to make sure the car seat’s straps themselves were secure.

I shudder at the thought of what might have happened had we been in an accident. Thank God we were not.

Please make sure your car seat’s belts are secure by periodically removing the car seat and checking them where they secure in the back. I would also check the car’s seatbelt that secures the car seat to the seat is secured and snug along with any latch system if you are using one.

We get so busy and sometimes we trust things to always be OK when often times they aren’t or just plain forget to check. I will put this on my list of things to check on a regular basis. I hope you will, too.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Good News: Homeless Man Returns Money Found

Now for some good news for a change:

A Tempe, AZ homeless man found a backpack and over $3000 in it. He could have had helped himself and very easily kept it. Instead he did the right thing – he helped track down the owner and returned everything.

Now, as his story is slowly being spread, others are helping this man. His good deed is being rewarded as no good deed goes unpunished.

What I don’t understand is why this news story is not front line news. We need our children to hear more stories like this.

God has asked us to help one another. Here, a man who had nothing helped someone who clearly had more than he and in return strangers are helping him back.

God must be smiling.

To read the whole story click here:
Homeless Tempe man turns in backpack with $3,300

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Answer To the Idea of Re-Incarnation

I met someone who believes in re-incarnation.

He thinks that we keep coming back till we “get it right.”

He was expecting an argument out of me based on my religious beliefs.

He was surprised when I excitedly said, “Cool! That means I’m going to live forever!”

He shook his head and said, “No, we just keep coming back till we get it right.”

I said, “I know! That is so great! Since I’m such a slow learner when it comes to getting things right, I’m going to be around for eternity!”

He walked away.

I either made him re-think his whole belief system or he’s putting in a request to be re-incarnated in other place on the planet to stay away from me.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

See Shooting Stars Tonight

(Info from Yahoo News)
The Leonid meteor shower of 2010 is peaking this week and the best time to see the sky show is now.

This annual meteor shower should be at their best through Nov. 18, according to skywatching experts. Avid meteor gazers graced with clear skies may see between 15 and 20 meteors per hour. That’s a lot of wishes to make!

This sky map shows where to look to see "shooting stars" from the Leonids this week. The best time to try to see them are in the last two or three hours before sunrise, when the moon has set.

"From the time of moonset until around 5:15 a.m. – when the first streaks of dawn begin to appear in the east Ñ the sky will be dark and moonless," advises Joe Rao, SPACE.com skywatching columnist. "That interval will provide you with your best opportunity to see any Leonid meteors."

Another tip: Make sure to stay warm and get comfortable.

"If you have a lawn chair that reclines, use it during your search for Leonid meteors since it will help keep your neck from getting stiff as well as make it easier to look at the night sky," Rao said.

The Leonid meteor shower is an annual event that returns every mid-November. The shower is caused by material left behind the comet Tempel-Tuttle when it passes near Earth's orbit during its regular trip through the solar system.

So see if your kids would be willing to get up a little earlier to see a spectacular event. It will be a great family experience.

Also check out:
A Child's Introduction to the Night Sky: The Story of the Stars, Planets, and Constellations--and How You Can Find Them in the Sky ~ Michael Driscoll

Save $10 off $25 at Macy's

Click on this link: Macy's $10 off $25 or More to get your free coupon.

*Please note, this coupon is good only in stores and for today Nov. 17, 2010 till 1:00 PM ONLY!

I think this time limit today is very unfair for people who are working and can't get off in time.

Though you could print your coupon and throw yourself on the mercy of the store manager who might honor the coupon past 1:00 you might get a better response from the corporate office.

If you were to sign up your email account to receive future sales and specials and then write them a note stating how you would have been happy to shop there if they would have extended their coupon honor time, but may choose not to due to them leaving out many shoppers who work during those hours, you might get a favorable response.

Maybe you could also find a nice way to add that if they had any special offers they could send you, you might be persuaded to swing by a Macy's store and check out their sales.

They might just send you a special coupon just for you. Worth trying.

So if you were planning on doing some shopping today and have the time, print this coupon out and swing by Macy's to see if you can snag a deal!

Monday, November 15, 2010

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You Veterans

Thank you veterans both past and presently serving.
Your sacrifices are great and we honor you.
We also honor your families who also sacrifice, especially when their loved one is far away.

If you are veteran, you may want to check out the local restaurants in your area today.
Many of them are offering free meals to veterans.
You will need your military ID for proof.
Call ahead and ask for the manager to see if they are offering this special.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Visit to Our Lady of Fatima - As Usual It Didn't Go Quite as Planned

We went and saw Our Lady of Fatima and prayed for healing. A healing we most desperately need. The event only comes to the US once every ten years or so. It was worth seeing especially in my old parish.

My 2 year old however, decided to throw a fit when I told him he couldn't grab one of the large glass candles. So he decided to push it off the communion rail. Only by the grace of God did I manage to catch it in time. I can't imagine how embarrassing it would have been had he knocked over all these glass pillar candles in front of church during a solemn time.

Not to stop there, he turned to go and forgot he was on a small ledge and fell - flat on his face right in front of everyone. He wasn't hurt and wasn't crying, but as I hurriedly scooped him up and checked for injury I glanced at the congregation. I heard their gasps of horror when he fell and now I was looking at all their disapproving faces mostly from older women.
One loan younger mom who was there with her children though, gave me an understanding smile as I mouthed sorry to everyone. I felt a little better in my embarrassment and I was truly thankful for her kind smile.

I looked around for my husband who had already had found a pew and was kneeling down praying. I was hoping he was praying for us, but he was probably secretly praying that no one knew he was with us.

We quickly lit our candles and said our prayers. I went to go and sit down, but my son wanted to play with the candles some more. I took him by the hand and tried to walk away when he went into a full blown, 2 year old style meltdown. In an old church screams from a child are amplified and if there had been paint on the walls I’m sure it would have peeled.

I quickly picked him up and hurriedly walked down the long aisle to the back. I don’t remember that aisle being that long on our way up it, but it sure did seem to take forever to carry a kicking and screaming toddler back down it.

I could almost feel the burning, hateful eyes of the other parishoners in my back. Tiny beads of sweat were forming on my beet red, hot face as I quickly pushed open the big heavy wood doors to the outside. The cool outside air was a welcome feeling, but I felt a sense of loss on having exit like we did. This was not turning out to be the type of occasion I was looking forward to.

Once outside and after he had calmed down, I proceeded to tell my son that we would leave if he wasn’t quiet. He didn’t want to leave and wanted to go back in. When he was ready we re-entered the church. We chose a pew in the back near the exit in case my son, during the service, would once again act out. Luckily he was quite good during the 30 minute service.

As I sat there in my embarrassment, I pondered whether Mary ever had occasions like these when Jesus was a toddler. I took a little comfort in dreaming about how He might have been as a 2 year old and if or when he acted out how she handled it. She probably never did have to, but I’m sure if she did, it would have been with a great deal of grace.

In addition to our prayers for healing for my husband and protection for my son, I asked Mary if I could come to her for motherly advice now and then since I no longer have my mother to go to. I seemed to receive the answer of most certainly….anytime. I also seemed to have heard inside my head the words, “God has blessed you with a most precious gift and He wouldn’t have done so if He didn’t feel you could do it.”

When we made our way back up to view Mary one last time, I looked at her face and saw a weary tiredness. Maybe it was my own look being reflected back to me. But I also saw a quiet understanding in her face as if she remembered how hard being a mother can be and to just hang in there.

Bless that one understanding mom who smiled in her understanding way when everyone else was judging me and bless our Lady of Fatima who also seemed to show a look of weary understanding of only a mom who's been there could give.

If you want to see where the Our Lady of Fatima is coming to please visit the website:
Our Lady of Fatima

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Quote: Interruptions

“My whole life I have been complaining that my work was constantly interrupted, until I discovered the interruptions were my work.”
~ Henri Nouwen

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My 2 Year Old & The Stream of Toilet Paper

My 2 year old is really good at going to the potty. He even prefers to “wipe” himself now after pooping. This is great except when he doesn’t do a thorough job, but he’s getting better.

But like most things two year olds do, it always has a comical side. Today one of the comical episodes was after pooping and wiping he came out to tell me what a good job he had done, like he always does. This time however he must have forgotten that he had the end of the toilet paper roll still in his hand. Strung out of the bathroom, all the way down the hall and into the living room was a great big long stream of toilet paper.

I couldn’t get mad. All I did was gasp, then giggled, then asked him, “Jake. Good job on going potty, but did you forget something?” He looked at me with a puzzled look. I said, “Well, you need to wash your hands.” He started to turn to go back to the bathroom when I said, “Jake. Did you forget you’re holding the end of the toilet paper roll?” He looked down, looked surprised and said, “Uh-Oh. I’ll fix it!” He proceeded to run back into the bathroom and started gathering up all the toilet paper. Luckily for me and our pipes, I managed to stop him before he stuffed it all into the toilet!

I just love this age.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FREE CFL Light Bulbs From Our Local Electric Co.

If you live in Duke Energy’s service area you may qualify for up to 15 FREE CFL light bulbs. I ordered mine today and was eligible for 15 free bulbs! Wow!

To get yours you can click here - http://www.duke-energy.com/freecfls/default.asp?utm_source=webpromo&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=IVRWEB

Or you can call 1-800-943-7585.

If you don’t live in this area, check with your local electric company or local government for any other programs out there that might be giving away free light bulbs.

Parenting’s Top Ten Reasons You Fell in Love With Your Baby (and Out of Love With Your Old Boyfriend)

I had to share this with you all. Parenting magazine has their Top Ten on the last page every month. This one was great and is hilarious, so I wanted to share it with you. Any ladies out there with old boyfriends I’m sure will relate.
Here they are:

Parenting’s Top Ten Reasons You Fell in Love With Your Baby (and Out of Love With Your Old Boyfriend)

1. His endless babbling
2. He loved snuggling in your bed – but always wanted to go back to his own crib afterwards
3. His way of spending hours roaming around the house naked, his poochy belly hanging out
4. The wet, sloppy kisses
5. He was content to lie quietly and gaze at his navel as you did all the housework
6. His birthday gift to you was simply a wilted flower
7. His idea of dancing was to bend his legs and bob up and down with a goofy, self-congratulatory grin
8. His smell
9. You could always count on him burping right after he finished a meal
10. The fact that he’ll never, ever love anyone as much as he loves his mommy

~Deborah Skolnik

Get Parenting The Early Years for only $9.97!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Way CPR is Performed Has Changed

The methods used to perform CPR are constantly changing. Be sure you are current on the latest procedure. You can read about this new CPR procedure here: Do CPR the right way: 5 things everyone needs to know

If you are not trained in CPR or have let your certification expire you can contact the Red Cross to find classes in your area. For more information on classes click here:
American Red Cross CPR Classes

The article points out that ninety percent of incidents requiring CPR occur at home. This means that it is very likely that someone who love is going to need your help. Make sure you’re prepared.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Secret to Having a Good Day at Work

On this Monday morning, as many of you are dragging yourselves to your job, wouldn’t it be nice if you had the secret to making sure that most days would be good days? Well, I found that secret.

To make sure that most of your days are good you have to be grateful to be there. Now, I can see you rolling your eyes and thinking that you were hoping it would be some miracle answer that would solve all your problems. You may now feel disappointed that the secret to having a good day at work is simply being grateful, but don’t be disappointed, be grateful for the reminder.

At the risk of sounding preachy, gratitude really is something that most of us, myself included, need to practice more. I will use myself as an example. Not long ago I had a good job that paid fairly well, had good benefits and I worked with mostly good people. Then out of the blue with no warning, I was laid off along with other people. The shock of that never has completely worn off yet and I still feel the sting of it from time to time. The thing is, like you I often complained about my job. The work I did, the clients we serviced, the people I had to work with, management, etc. I even complained about the long drive to work and the traffic I faced everyday. If I had only known.

I think back about all those days I wasted complaining. If I had just changed my attitude about work I would have had a lot better days. I also would have improved the days of my coworkers. See, when you are happy, you are pleasant to be around. You help lift up those around you and people enjoy having you around. On an other note, if you are dreading going to work, are constantly complaining about your job, your boss and your coworkers, then you start to not only poison yourself, but everyone around you. You become one of those people that others dread to see coming. You not only make sure your day goes bad, but you also make others have a bad day just by your very presence. No one wants to be that person.

Funny how such a simple shift in the way you think can have such a powerful impact on not only your day to day life, but it even significantly impacts the ones around you. You see, there are so many people who would love to face that drive to work, put up with your boss and tolerate the people you’re stuck with in the next cubicle just to have a job. When you are wishing to get out of that place, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. I did.

So, now that you know the secret to having a good day, what kind of day are you going to have?

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Enjoyed the Day

I took today off. I had one doctor appointment late morning. Since the person who was going to watch my 2 year old became ill, I ended up having to take him with me. It turned out alright as the doctor I had to see was my OB and he says he likes to see the kids. Kind of like seeing “the finished product” so to speak.

Since my son was exceptionally good I asked him where he would like to take me to lunch. Without taking any time to think, he answered, “Manwhich and fwries”. His interpretation of a hamburger and fries at McDonald’s. So off we went to pick up lunch, then to the park for a picnic and playtime.

Today was one of those nice fall days, where the sun is shining, the skies are a pretty blue and the leaves are turning their beautiful golden and auburn colors. The only thing slightly annoying was the wind. It was a little stronger than usual, the kind that makes for bad hair days. All the wind did though is making a long sleeve shirt necessary is all. Not too bad.

After our stint at the park we came home and rather than go inside to do some task that always needs done, we decided to stay out and play. So I ran in and grabbed my book. I didn’t bother to get the mail or listen to the messages on the answering machine. I didn’t take the wet clothes out of the washer and I didn’t even clear the kitchen sink of dirty dishes – something I almost always do before leaving the house in the morning. I just decided to let it all go.

Maybe the book I’m reading,
The Gift of an Ordinary Day by Katrina Kenison may have something to do with my laid back attitude. Maybe it’s the feeling of I’d better enjoy these last few warm days before the dreaded winter cold sets in or maybe it’s just God saying to me, “Take a break, enjoy what I have created and all that I have blessed you with, you deserve it.” Either way, I’m taking that advice.

While watching my son ride his bike, push his wagon and playing with balls on a slide, I am reminded of how blessed I am to be able to be here in this moment with him. I am not at all concerned of how knotted my hair is getting in the wind, I just enjoy the freshness it brings. I am not concerned with a house full of work waiting to be tackled, a long to do list or even what I’m going to make for dinner. I just enjoy being in the moment. I see my dog sniff the air earnestly as he filters through all the different smells and comically I try, too, wishing I had his sense of smell and wondering all that I’m missing out on. Then I rethink that wish and am grateful for my lack of that ability.

I take time to take in the sky, something I haven’t done much at all lately, maybe not even this year. I sit amazed at how beautiful the color blue it is, how the few wispy clouds look so brilliantly white. I gaze at a vulture and wonder what he sees from his lofty position dancing on air currents. Though they may not be the most beautiful looking birds up close, when watching them expertly navigate the wind currents and soar like no other, you can’t help but be a little envious.

I believe every morning we are given the gift of another day to, “Get it right” so to speak. I believe that this day was given to me to remind me of the simple things in life – the laughter of a child, the chatter of a squirrel searching for that nut he buried, the warmth of the sun on your face and not worrying if you have enough sunscreen on, the sound of a tricycle bell being rung by a little boy and the wind in your hair. My batteries are recharged, my soul refreshed. I feel I can handle the rest of the evening with a lightness I didn’t have the previous day.

So, the total cost for the day - $20 copay for the doctor; $8 for a lunch that gave me indigestion; taking time to enjoy the day, you guessed it – priceless.

~Begin to Dream Again

Saturday, October 2, 2010

When We See Children Acting Up in Public, Do We Judge?

When you see a child acting up in public are you quick to judge? Do you judge the parents for raising an unruly, selfish child? I used to.

I don’t so much anymore and it isn’t all just because I now have a child who is a toddler and I am entering into my own danger zone of public tantrums. It is more because I have read a story about a little boy with autism and how proud his mother was when they had a whole day out in public without much incident. They ran what appeared to be ordinary errands, completed ordinary tasks and went ordinary places. They accomplished something most of us do every day and this mother was so excited about her son’s accomplishments that she decided to share their day in a post.

I felt happy for her and sad for her as well as a little guilt all at the same time as I read about their long day. Things I take for granted were made important and my prejudice and misunderstanding melted away as I read her words.

When we see other children’s odd behaviors or children acting out we jump to conclusions about why they are behaving that way. We judge without knowing the real reason that public display of behavior is taking a turn for the worse. We judge harshly and unfairly. Rarely do most of us ever get a glimpse into the world of autism and other behavior issues. We have no idea what those children and their parents have to go through just to get out the door.

I now have a better appreciation for what these parents and their children have accomplished and I hope I will not judge too harshly the next time I see a mom struggling with her child’s misbehavior. Even if that child may not have autism, I may not know the whole story and therefore should never judge.

I only hope that the next mom will extend that same courtesy to me when it’s my turn to handle the public meltdowns my son will have.

You can read her story here: I Wonder If You Can Really See My Son

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Kids Are Brutally Honest

In the kitchen during the early morning rush, my 2 year old reached his little arms up high and said, “Mama, up?”
As I picked him up and hugged him tight I said to him, “I love you so much, Baby.”
I then said, “Who do you love?”
And without missing a beat he said very plainly, “Apple juice!”
I laughed as I begged for a kiss and received a quick peck as he squirmed down.

I couldn’t resist his sweet face as he was asking for a juice box.
His brutal honesty still made me smile almost as big as his smile was while sipping his apple juice.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fisher Price’s Huge Recall

There is yet another huge recall this time from Fisher Price. This recall includes over 10 million tricycles, high chairs and toys. These items are being recalled mainly due to design failure that has caused injuries.

To see the full list you can check out US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) page here: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prerelsep10.html

Please check to see if these items are in your home and click on the links on the CPSC’s website for instructions.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why Can’t I Parent More Like God?

I wish I was just a fraction of a good parent as God is to us, His children.
When I screw up, He doesn’t yell at me.
When I get dirty, He doesn’t insist I go and clean up right away.
When I make a mistake, He doesn’t point it out.
When I act mean to others, He doesn’t make me apologize.
When I am stingy, He doesn’t force me to share my toys.
When I am bad, He doesn’t yell and scream at me.
He just shows me, gently, how His way is ultimately the better and more satisfying way.
He shows me through His ultimate wisdom, His remarkable patience and His never ending love, the right course to take.
He teaches by example and with gentleness.
He loves me and lets me know it all the time even when I don’t think I deserve it.
I must learn to parent like that.
Why can’t I parent more like God? I have the perfect example to follow. I must try my hardest to follow that example.
Maybe if I ask Him, He will help me.

Monday, September 27, 2010

I Must Recycle My Explosives

Our township is having a special recycling day where you can bring items to recycle that aren’t usually accepted like batteries, paint cans, tires etc. I was looking over the list of accepted and not accepted items to see if we had anything that we needed to clear out. I couldn’t help but notice the odd things listed as not accepted. But I guess they have to draw the line somewhere.

I couldn’t believe what was on the list of items that they wouldn’t accept. Keep in mind, this list of non-acceptable materials probably came about as people brought these odd things with them to recycle. For example:

• Explosives – It makes me wonder if at some point someone showed up on these special recycling days and said, “I don’t think I’ll ever get around to using these grenades and sticks of dynamite, so I think I’ll just have you guys take them and recycle them into something else.”

• Ammunition – I guess if you sold the gun and you later found the ammo that goes with it you might think it can be recycled into a different size of ammo.

• Business or Commercial Waste – Now I never thought about that being a problem. I guess if you’re in the business of say servicing portable potties or a hog farmer then maybe they might not take your business’s waste.

• Radioactive Materials – This was my personal favorite on the list. I wouldn’t even know how an individual would accumulate radioactive material. Maybe it wasn’t meant for individuals. Maybe it was meant for other countries trying to develop nuclear weapons and they don’t have special recycling days like we do. Ironically this list did come out the same time that Iran’s president was visiting. Maybe it was meant for him so he didn’t inadvertently bring their radioactive waste with them in the hopes that our special recycling day might take it. Then again they’re the type that would probably just leave it by the dumpster anyway.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Today Is Brought To You By The Number 30

Today is brought to you by the the number 30.

A 30 lb. little boy,

in a space of 30 square feet,

can create 30 lbs of mess

in less than 30 seconds.


I Recommend: The Gift of An Ordinary Day

I must recommend watching this little piece of video where the author Katrina Kenison is reading an excerpt from her book The Gift of an Ordinary Day. I like this website and I am so glad they shared this with us, so I am sharing it with you. You can see the video here:

Hearts at Home : What I've Been Reading

It brought tears to my eyes and made me hug my little boy so tightly. As I silently fear that future of letting go, it reminded me of how I need to cherish every moment now.

If you have small children, it reminds you of what lies ahead and reminds you to enjoy each day they need you as they will need you less and less as the days go on.

If you have teenagers, it reminds you to enjoy the few times they still need you and to enjoy your children's transformations.

If you have grown children, it reminds you to enjoy watching your children become parents and how you can once again hold little ones. You enjoy it when your children come to you once again for advice and questions. They still need you after all.

I think I'm going to get the book, The Gift of An Ordinary Day. I think it may be $10 well spent for the reminder of the gifts we have.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Till He Learns I'm Not a Hero

So far this morning, I've fed a hungry, screaming Banshee, cleaned up after a tornado, fixed two dragsters and replaced the wheels on a hot rod.
For now I'm the hero.
I will relish in that till he learns that I'm really just a mere mortal.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Your Own Child's Voice

I love how cute a little child singing the A B C's is, especially when they have their own ways of pronouncing some of the letters.
The sweetest sound is the voice of your own child.....unless they are screaming in the middle of a store!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mom, Mom, Mom....

Jake: "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mama, Mama, Mama, Mommy, Mommy, MOM! MOM MMMOOOMMM!!!"
Me: "WHAT?!!!!"
Jake: "Hi."
It doesn't just happen in cartoons....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Son Will Be a Man Someday

When I look at my son who is only 2 ½, all I see is a little boy. I get so wrapped up in the day to day living that I forget that the future is rushing towards me at an unimaginable high rate of speed.

Though he is a little boy and I want him to experience life as such and enjoy this time being little, I have to remember he will be a man someday. This future man will remember more of his childhood than I will. He will remember certain times that may appear to be insignificant, but have actually shaped him into the man he became.

He will have memories that were happy and memories that taught him valuable lessons that are serving him well in his adult life. He will also ultimately have memories of times I wished he had forgotten. Memories where I may have failed him, memories that may have caused him harm, memories that I fear may be causing him problems in his adult life.

I have joked in the past when I screw something up that he has to have something to talk about in therapy later in life, but when I really think about what I do today could affect him in his adult life and how he raises his own children, I find it’s no joke. I find it terrifying that I, as just a mom, have so much influence over how a person’s life unfolds and ultimately shapes who they are.

Yes, there are many stories of people overcoming their bad childhoods, their neglectful or abusive parents, their lousy home life and more. Though I know there may be things my son has to learn to overcome, I don’t want to be one of them!

I am ashamed to admit I do not meet all the challenges my son produces with the grace of a perfect mom. Though I am not abusive in the sense that abusive parents are, I feel that there are times that I certainly could be doing a better job. In essence, I am not a perfect parent. But who is? I don’t strive to be perfect. I strive to be the kind of parent that my son sees is a real person with strengths, weaknesses and ultimately faults. He will know that he too, does not have to be perfect.

Still, it is scary that what I do today may affect him for the rest of his life. But I can’t let that fear paralyze me. I still must care for him, teach him, set limits, let him learn about life, let him explore his boundaries, discipline him and more. Most of all I must show him just how much I truly love him. Though I must be conscious of how my actions will shape and mold him, I can’t let it bog me down by over thinking every decision I make. If I always stop to think about how my actions at the moment will make him feel later in life, I will never have the chance to parent him!

Wow! There truly is no more important job than being a parent. It is such a tremendous responsibility and carries such a load of guilt trips. There are times that no matter how hard I try and be a good parent, I still screw it up. Oh well. When my son is a man and feels like he screwing up raising his own children, I know I can give him that knowing smile, that, “I’ve been there” look and an encouraging word.


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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Now Your Car Computer Can Be Hacked

As if we didn't have enough to worry about.

If you thought that your computer or your bank's computer were the only things you had to worry about being hacked, now we have to worry about your new car's computer being vulnerable to computer hackers.

You can read about it in the article here: http://arstechnica.com/security/news/2010/08/cars-hacked-through-wireless-tyre-sensors.ars

So the next time you are sitting at a light and your wipers go haywire or the gauges in your dash start blinking, start looking around for some young kid laughing hysterically. Just make sure to ask for ID to see if he's 18. You don't want to be beating up on a minor!

Makes you wish for simpler times when cars were simple and the word hacker was unknown.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

You Know You're a Mom When......

You just have to check this post out:
You Know you're a mom when you open your purse and find___________.
This is hilarious!

I have to enter my own finds. My purse is like the clown car from the circus!
In my purse there is:

Extra napkins from the last place we ate out(don't remember where), various hot wheels cars, personal products, wipes, an old diaper and my son has been potty trained for months so why am I still carrying one around?
Wet Ones hand wipes, hand sanitizer, two sunscreen bottles, ear plugs for when we go to the track, small sewing kit, bandaids, rolaids, various pain relievers as people bum advil, tylenol and others from me all the time.
Extra pairs of contacts, solution, case, deodorant, lotion, tissues, eyeliner and eyeshadow, lip gloss, tweezers, mirror, glucose tablets as well as candy, crackers and other various snacks.
I also have a travel toothbrush holder that I carry bendy straws in for my 2 year old in case we stop and eat somewhere and they don't offer bendy straws - a must for little ones!
In addition to the standard, wallet, keys, cell phone and cell phone accessories.

Good thing I carry a backpack!

I remember reading a comment written a long time ago that said, "A woman can handle any disaster as long as her purse is within easy reach!

What's in your purse?!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Giveaway: $25 Gift Certificate to Roher's Tavern

I have a $25 gift certificate to Roher's Tavern in North Bend, Ohio to give away. The gift certificate is good only till 10/21/10.

Your bill has to be more than $35, so you can basically eat for $10.

The gift certificate is free, all you have to do is leave a comment on my blog ( I prefer nice ones!) on any story you like and I will draw a winner on Tuesday 9/7.

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I Miss Living In the Country

I miss living in the country. I miss the horses, the fields, the pond, the smell of fresh cut hay, bushhogging, the quiet and your closest neighbor is a half a mile away.
Maybe again someday.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why Not Enough Boys Clothes?

Why is it when you go shopping for your son that there are ten times the amount of girl items as there are boy items?

And please don’t say it’s because girls like to shop more. I’m talking about babies through toddler sizes. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you are shopping for clothes or shoes, there is just so much more to choose from in girls sections then boys.

Can someone explain this to me?

I want to have the same amount of options for my son as those with daughters do. I also want something more than just sports themed attire. Also, nothing seems to run true to size either which is very annoying. When did the size of an item of clothing become open to interpretation? I have actually seen differences in sizing within the same manufacturer! I think there should be some uniformity with the sizes.

Well, that takes care of rant for the day.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

After A MRI, Don’t Forget Your Bra

I had to get a MRI today and it was quite an experience. The funny part was, I almost left without an important part of my clothing – my bra.

That was the only item I had to take off. Of course that was after the technician used one of those airport metal detector wands all over me, in full view of everyone in the waiting room. Though I remembered to leave my wedding band and watch at home, I wasn’t thinking about wearing a bra with an underwire in it when I left the house. The wand made that fact obviously clear.

So the technician informed me I had to go and remove my bra, but I could leave my shirt on if I wanted. Gee, that was nice of him to offer that. In the room where he pointed for me to go had lockers in them with keys in the locks. You are to remove what items are offensive to the MRI magnets, lock the locker and bring the key with you. Luckily for me, I remembered to lock my car key in it, too. If it wasn’t for that, I’m sure I would have left without my bra.

After I emerged from the dressing room, or should I say the undressing room, I peeked around the corner and didn’t see the tech. So I folded my arms across my chest by starting at the bottom of my stomach moving my arms upward to gather “them” up if you know what I mean. I sat down in the chairs outside the room where the machine was. I tried to read a magazine without unfolding my arms, but felt a little awkward trying to the turn the pages with my nose.

Finally the tech came and asked more questions. All the while I shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other and squeezed my arms tighter around my chest hoping to keep both boobs covered without one falling down below my folded arms. Hey, let’s face it, they don’t point straight ahead anymore.

I hate MRI’s. You have to lay perfectly still for like 20 minutes and when I have to do that, I always have itches pop up all over my body. Very uncomfortable! That, and if you weren’t claustrophobic before you went in, you sure will be afterwards. The music is nice as you get to choose the music venue, but it doesn’t take your mind off the fact that your nose itches the whole time and you can’t move!

After I was done, I jumped off the table before it was even lowered all the way. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. In my effort to escape, I had to walk past all these people, with my arms folded across me so they wouldn’t see anything when I realized all I had was the locker key! I had almost made it to the exit when I realized I was leaving without my car keys and my bra! Doh!

I’m sure I was an interesting sight almost running back down the hallway with my arms folded across my chest. Have you ever tried to run with your arms folded? I looked like a dork. To make matters worse, when I got to the undressing room, it was occupied by the next victim! So I had to wait outside of the room while people walked by. This person took forever. By then my fingers were turning blue because of me hugging myself so tight. Finally when this person emerged I noticed it was a man and he still had all his clothes on! What took him so long? All he had to do is empty is pockets! I would have slapped upside the head, but that would have meant I would have had to use my arms to do so.

I almost shoved him aside with my shoulders as I darted inside the room. I quickly got dressed, picked up my car key and hightailed it out of there like the place was on fire. Only to be stopped by the woman at the front desk who informed me I had to wait for the films to be developed to take with me. I could feel the blood flushing my cheeks as I sat down in the chair. I was too embarrassed to even look at anyone. I stared at a carpet that had no pattern to it till I almost had a seizure from staring at nothing for so long. The whole time I was wondering which funny video TV show they would sell the film of me running down the hall with my arms folded to. The weird part was while I was sitting there, I was still hugging myself.

I prefer to blend into the background when I go to the doctors or to have testing done. I don’t think I accomplished that this time. My advice is, if you need a MRI, remember to wear a soft cup bra with no underwire. You’ll thank me for it later.


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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hard To See Your Kids Inherit Your Behaviors

It's hard to see your child inherit some of your behaviors. It makes you say, "Uh oh".
~Julie (me)

Monday, August 23, 2010

I Never Think To Replace Things Till I Need Them

I have several low cost items that need replacing, but I never seem to get around to replacing them. Mainly it’s because I never think to buy them till I need them. One of those items is oven mitts.

I am not very good in the kitchen. I manage OK and I haven’t poisoned anybody, but I am definitely not Rachel Ray. Maybe it’s because I don’t have that bubbly of a personality. Oh I can boil, both water and my temper, I’m just not coated in sugar like she is.

Anyway, today I realized that I really need to remember to buy some cheap oven mitts because the ones I have all have holes in them. I was reminded of that when my husband called. I was holding the phone with my shoulder and attempting to pull a roast out, when my finger that was holding the pan realized it had only a paper thin layer of cloth between it and the pan.

This is what my husband heard - a scream, a crash as I dropped the pan upside down and the roast fell out onto the coils, my 2 year old running around laughing and mimicking me screaming, some cursing from me and a “I have to go!” with a voice that sounded like something from the movie, “The Exorcist”.

I wonder why he hasn’t called back? I wonder if he’ll stop at the church for some holy water before he dares to enter our house. I wonder if he’ll even ask what happened. Nah, he’s too smart for that.

I must add oven mitts to the growing list of things I need to get. It will go right under the hair dryer that broke two weeks ago.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Pizza Done!

You know you are serving too much not-so-good-for-you food when your oven timer goes off and your 2 year old yells, "Pizza done!"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"If a Child is Given Love"

If a child is given love, he becomes loving...If he's helped when he needs help, he becomes helpful. And if he has been truly valued at home... he grows up secure enough to look beyond himself to the welfare of others."
~ Dr. Joyce Brothers, 1974

This quote I think is so profound. It seems like common sense, yet so many children grow up feeling unloved. So many children never feel like they are valued. Many feel like they are always in the way, their opinions don’t matter and they have no voice. I have felt that way many times over the years and I know that I never want my son to ever feel that way.

I want to show him how much he’s loved and appreciated. I want to always to be able to listen to his opinion without judgment and to be there to help him when he needs it. I want to be able to help him grow into a mature, secure man that is a blessing to others.

God has blessed me with this little young life that is my responsibility to mold into the man that God wanted him to be. This is a huge responsibility – to be responsible for another human being’s life, but as mothers we must take on this task and make it our number one priority.

Many times, especially lately as we are in the middle of the terrible two’s, I have felt that I am failing miserably at teaching my son what is the proper way to behave. I often forget that for two year olds there isn’t much proper behavior that they are actually capable of doing. Temper tantrums, defiance and impatience are part of who they are and are expected behaviors. My frustration seems to enter the picture when I forget this in my attempt to mold him into this well behaved little person.

I’m not saying of course that we shouldn’t teach young children acceptable and non-acceptable forms of behaving, I think I just need to lighten up a little. For both his benefit and mine. I notice when I teach gently, but firmly and learn to pick my battles wisely, all is calmer and the house is more peaceful. Teaching him is my job. I just have to remember that he doesn’t have to learn it all at once.

My most important job in teaching him is that to make sure he knows beyond any doubt, that he is first and foremost loved. Loved by me and by God. I am not responsible for making sure anyone else makes him feel loved – that is their job. My job is to teach him that he is loved and he should love others as he is loved.

There are many other things I want him to learn like kindness, helpfulness and empathy towards others, bravery, patience, humor, serendipity, and so much more, but knowing that you are loved unconditionally I feel is so important. To know that no matter what, you are loved is the best gift you could give to your child.

So, if we want a helpful child, then we must help that child when he needs it. If we want a child who is a blessing to others, is a value to the world then we must be a blessing to that child and make sure he knows he is valued. If we want a loving child, we must show that child that he is loved.

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