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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Review of Article on How to Live On 75% Less

Here’s an article that I found intriguing. “How To Live Happily on 75% Less”. It’s about a woman who had a high paying job that was laid off and decided to pursue her dream.

What I liked about the story was when she was working a temporary job handing out fliers, she ran into some old co-workers dressed in their suits while she was in a t-shirt. Oh how embarrassing that can be. I know, I've been there. I like that she decided to follow her dream and hopefully she will be able to expand it into a more paying career. It also highlights how being thrifty is not just a cute way of living for some, but is actually becoming the norm and a must for most people, even those who don’t necessarily have to cut back on expenses.

Though it was a good article in didn’t really give any advice that I didn’t already know or am already doing. I was rather hoping it would give me some advice on how to live on a lot less that I didn’t know and could apply. It talks briefly about unnecessary spending, which we all know about. It did however, show you can live on a lot less and still be very happy. Maybe even happier then when you had more.

Link to article: “How To Live Happily on 75% Less”

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