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Saturday, February 20, 2010

How Checking Out Other Websites Can Save You Money - "Money Saving Methods"

In this “How Checking Out Other Websites Can Save You Money” series, I will share with you some of the websites I use to save money. I will tell you what I like and what I don’t like about the site and how I use it save money.

Today, I recommend trying
Money Saving Methods

Money Saving Methods’s author, Carrie is a very busy mom who seeks out all the latest deals the Internet has to offer. From coupons and sales, to surveys and bank offers, she has and does nearly every way you can think of to make money. She even posts her earnings to date in each field! Of course, over 50% of those earnings are from affiliate ads. Still, it’s amazing how much money she earns. She is always eager to share what works for her and she says she never recommends anything she hasn’t tried herself.

If you are looking to get into making side money off of free trials, samples and special offers,
Money Saving Methods is the place to start. Her site is easy to follow and has the different subjects broken down into different categories. She offers help in how to get started and recommends the different companies she has tried. She provides all the how to’s in getting started and has an open dialogue of help if you need it.

Now for what I don’t like.

As like most blogs and websites that cater to this market, there are a lot of ads. I can understand though that is where she makes the bulk of her income. At least her articles are easy to find on the page.

Though Carrie offers great tips on how to do what she does, you must be very careful when embarking on this journey of free trials, etc. Many offers are free up to a certain point, and then they start charging you. Also, many companies want sensitive, personal information from you like home addresses, credit card numbers and social security numbers before you can receive the goods.

Carrie seems to have her personal information out there in a lot of different places. I’m not that comfortable with that level of exposure. I highly recommend you follow her advice closely to prevent losing money or getting hooked up with the wrong company. I also recommend you keep a very close eye on your accounts and credit reports in case your personal information falls into the wrong hands. The more you share your info with companies, the higher the risk of having your identity stolen. That means having to check your credit report with all three reporting agencies at least twice a year and maybe having some kind of alert notification on your credit cards. It is essential when you do this kind of work on the Internet that you keep excellent records. If you are not the organizing type, then this is not for you.

What she does requires a lot of time and work and may not be achievable for some. It requires a high sense of organization and follow through. I recommend starting slow and working your way up as you get better at it. So if you’re up to the work and you don’t mind the risk then I highly recommend trying
Money Saving Methods.

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I hope you enjoy Money Saving Methods and let me know your thoughts on it.

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