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Thursday, March 25, 2010

IRS Scam – Don’t Fall For It

Have you received an email from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) lately?
Did it say you were due an additional refund?
Here is an example of one I received lately:

Looks like an official IRS logo and message, doesn’t it? Well, I would like to hope that the IRS would proof read for spelling, i.e. “Formular”. Geeze, you’d think if the hackers knew how to get info from people they would at least make sure the English is spelled correctly!

If you get one of these do not give out any personal information. In fact, don’t even click on the link. The IRS will never ask for personal information via email and they certainly wouldn’t ask for credit card numbers, bank account numbers, pin #’s etc. If they want your money, they know how to freeze and take your accounts without any help from you!
The IRS has a specific email address they would like you to send this type of email to: phishing@irs.gov. Make sure you send any email referring as or to the IRS to this address. Though the IRS cannot respond to your email, they do investigate and go after these people.

To learn more see the info page the IRS has published here:

I can’t stand evil people like this, can you? They would find they would get a lot further in life if they would use their powers for good instead of evil. I say, lets release the hounds!

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