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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adventures In Potty Training Part 3

Life does get easier, one dry hour at a time.

My son has been doing quite well with telling me now before he goes that he has to go pee pee. We have manged to get through the days with only one or two wet accidents and that is where he suddenly realizes he has to go real bad and is having a hard time holding it in as he runs to the bathroom. Pooping on the potty hasn’t been mastered yet, but at least he is telling me afterwards that he has gone.

My best advice in buying underwear for them to wear around the house is buy a lot of them. I bought around 12 pairs and in the beginning you will go through that many in a day. While he was wearing the last of maybe two pair, I was washing the rest. When going out I just pull a pull up over top of his underwear. Today’s training pants are too absorbent and don’t let the kids feel the wetness. The pull up over the underpants are just a measure to save your car seat.

We tried doing an outing where I took his potty with me. I figured I would take his regular potty with me rather than buy one just for the van because he might not want to go on a strange potty and was used to his. When he told me he had to go potty while in the van in a parking lot I took him out of his seat, opened the back door and tried sitting him on his potty. No way, nothing doing. He shrieked so loud people who I thought couldn’t see us were staring at us while I hurriedly tried to pull his pants back up. Gee I hope they don’t think I was doing something wrong to him! Ugh! I was just hoping I could get out of there before someone called the police and end up on the evening news. I was so self conscious and I guess he was too. How do you get a child to go on the run? Do I need to register with the police stating I am trying to potty train my toddler and please don’t arrest me if you catch me pulling his pants down in a parking lot? I guess I need a sign on my van that states I am not trying to expose my child to you, I am just trying to teach him not to pee in his pants!

I was so embarrassed and the really bad part was I think so was my son. I guess maybe he can chalk it up to more subject matter he can bring up in therapy later in life.

To make things worse he didn’t want to sit on the potty when we came home. Ugh! Great. Now I have caused a step back in our progress. We’ll see how things turn out after waking from his nap. Keep your fingers crossed.

See if things get better in Adventures In Potty Training Part 4


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