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Friday, April 30, 2010

Athlete’s Great Deed After A Terrible Game Loss

When the only thing the main stream media talks about when it comes to athletes are their crimes, their indiscretions and their mistakes it is so nice to hear about the athletes who do good, but almost never get the recognition. Here is one such story.

NHL’s Brooks Laich who was emotionally devastated after what has been called the worst series defeat in franchise history when they were eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs put that behind him when he helped a mother and her teenage daughter who had a flat tire on a busy highway.

He stopped and changed a tire for two people he didn’t know, on a dangerous stretch of road after a very big personal let down. He could have driven right by just like hundreds of other people did that day, but he didn’t. For that he deserves some special recognition.

These are the athletes and the good deeds the news media should be shouting about from high places. Maybe if we had more coverage like this instead of all the negative then maybe more high profile athletes would hold themselves to a higher standard. I think it’s time to raise the bar off the ground for athletes and their behavior.

To read the short, but sweet story of Brooks Laich see:
After Game 7 loss, Capitals' Laich fixes tire for stranded family

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