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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If Only I Had A Video Camera

Those are the words from my husband as he witnessed a hilarious spectacle of my son and I. If you have been following my series of Adventures in Potty Training then you would know that we are attempting to train our 2 year old in the art of scheduled elimination.

Well, the other day my son who has been doing quite well in using the potty had an accident where he pooped in his pants. I made no big deal of it and matter of factly proceeded to bring a plastic bag into the bathroom with me and cleaned him up. I dumped the poop into the potty, showed my son that this is where it goes, and put the dirty wipes into the plastic bag.

As I proceeded to hold open clean pants for him to put on, he gave me a devilish grin, grabbed the open bag of poopy wipes and took off like a flash of light.

My husband standing in the kitchen doorway saw a naked little boy streak by shrieking with glee carrying a plastic bag of something bouncing around and then saw his wife chasing as fast as she could after him all the while shrieking, “NO, NO, NO!”

I was panicking, because I could just see poop and wipes flying out of the bag. Luckily he didn’t drop any and I managed to catch up with him on the couch. Breathlessly I snatched the bag back from him and managed to put dry pants onto his wriggling little body. My son was laughing hysterically and so was my husband. I had to laugh too as it was funny.

Life is funny. Life with a toddler requires you to be funny. Anyone with one knows exactly what I mean.


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