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Thursday, May 27, 2010

He May Be The Next Track Announcer


My 2 year old son just loves cars. I mean he loves cars like no one else I have known. He will play with the track his daddy built for him all day long if you let him.

Above is a picture of him watching the races from the tower. It was cold and windy that day and since we are privileged enough to have access to the tower we decided to watch from up there.

The announcer is only a few feet away announcing the races into the microphone. My son decided he wanted to announce too. Being 2 years old and a self proclaimed expert he was adding his own narrative. He would loudly scream blue dragster, red dragster! Then when a blue ’63 vette and a red ’63 vette happen to meet on the line he got so excited his voice raised 2 octaves! He started screaming, jumping up and down and pointing. He kept repeating, “The King, Pachow!” over and over. The King and Pachow (his name he gives to the character Lightening McQueen) are his favorite cartoon characters from the movie CARS. This is his favorite movie and he begs to see it all the time. I have to admit it’s one of my favorites too and even though we’ve seen it a 100 times, I still find something new I never saw before.

Anyway, I feared his screaming and announcing could be heard over the microphone and out to the track. Add to it the laughter coming from the track announcer and other staff making it hard for him to call the races certainly made for an entertaining race day. But much to the dismay of my son I thought it best we vacate the tower before the track owner got annoyed.

I’m sure his displeasure could be heard throughout the land as I was dragging him out kicking and screaming. He stopped being upset when I told him we would watch the races from the van.

What was nice was the track announcer said he could come back and help him “announce” anytime he wanted. I could still hear their chuckles as we made our way down the steps. Though I was a bit embarrassed, at least we were entertaining.

Though it was hard to get him to leave, I am very proud of my little “gearhead.”


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