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Friday, May 21, 2010

Horse Freebies

Please let us know if there are any links that are no longer working!

Free SmartPak Taste Test sample

Free Pat Parelli Tickets!

Free horse nutrition sample from Foxden Equine

Free Bag of Purina Strategy Health Edge for horses

Free CocoSoya Horse Supplement

Free Dry Stall Sample

Free Stay Safe on your Horse Tips from the UK

Free Horse Software Trial

Free Leather Therapy Sample call 800-711-8225.

Free mane & tail conditioners & detanglers from Exhibitor Labs

Free Equine Chiropractic Technique Chart!

Free Web Page For Your Pet!

Hunter and Sport Horse Magazine - free 1 year subscription

Horse quencher for your horse - free sample of horse quencher

Head to Hoof - free sample horse treats

Ascend for horses , from Farnam - free sample, one per household

Nu-Image horse supplement - free sample

Horse birthday club - free horse treats sent to your horse on their birthday

Farnam giveaways, contests and rebates - one of the biggest horse supply companies in North America

Absobine Vet Liniment Gel - free sample

Free Winnies Horse Cookies sample

Free sample of Cool Calories 100

Free horse sound effects

Please let us know if there are any links that are no longer working!

Check out what else you can get free or for a discount for horses below!

English Horseback Riding Ladies Tall Leather Boots Dress Dressage Field Polo Show
5 Calf sizes [Slim, Regular, Wide, Plus, 2Plus] in all shoe sizes 6,6.5, 7,7.5, 8,8.5, 9,9.5, 10,10.5, 11,11.5, 12,


  1. Almost all of these freebies are no longer available. :(.

  2. Thank you for letting me know this. They are so old, I'm not surprised. Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to keep up with all the freebies. I wish I did.
    Hope you have a great summer.
    Thanks again!



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