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Friday, May 7, 2010

Inspiring Housekeeper Wins Breakfast In Bed

Almaz Gebremedhin worked 3 jobs to support 5 kids.
Her husband left her and her children. She got herself off public assistance by working extremely hard and taking care of her children.

Her children said, "She taught us how to respect people. She taught us how to work hard. She taught us how to love unconditionally. She taught us how to give. She taught us never to quit and to follow your dream." Her children have all graduated at the top of their high school classes, and all earn acceptance to Penn State University -- all on scholarship. Sounds like a good mom to me.

Her co-workers adore her and nominated her for this award.

You can read more on this inspiring story here: Emeril's Breakfast in Bed Contest Winner Announced

With all the issues with immigration and I have my opinion on illegal immigration, but this story of an immigrant who didn't come here illegally, who came with nothing, was left with nothing, did not expect America to "take care of her" while she sat idle, but worked hard, raised her children right and became an upstanding citizen is something I admire.

THAT is what America was founded on and deserves this recognition.

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