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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Special Last Minute Panic Gifts for Mom for Mother's Day (in case you forgot!)

These are great and they are FREE!
special free printable gifts for Mom. They are special IOU coupons that you can give Mom for her special day and she may love them more than any store bought gift anyway!

So if you are panicking over what to get Mom from you and from the kids, no fear. Try these special “coupons for mom” by
Clicking Here.

Here is what they can be used for:

1. Two your-choice movie nights.a. Romantic and chick-flick movies are included, but your kids reserve the right to draw the line at subtitles.

2. One interior car cleaning. Includes vacuuming, refuse disposal and washing of all surfaces.

3. Three fight-free “because I said so” moments. a. These may be used to stop your child from asking why a parenting decision was made.

4. Four “I'm glad you taught me” notes. a. Giver will provide four written notes of skills or information they are glad Mom taught them. Notes will be provided on demand.

5. Two drawings of a special moment we spent together. a. May be redeemed individually.

6. Three loads of laundry done to your specifications. a. Includes clothing collection, washing, folding and putting away

7. Four complete dish clearings at meals of your choosing. a. May be used at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

8. One helping of your favorite dessert, made by me. a. Adult shopping assistance may be required.

9. One straight answer about what's going on in my life. a. No exclusions apply. Giver must give bearer an answer to their question even if it feels like none of her business.

10. Two days when I clean my room without complaints or help from Mom. a. Bearer may choose when coupon is enacted.

11. Two photos with the giver. a. Giver agrees to not look miserable in said photos, or complain while they are being taken.

12. Five hours spent helping clip, print and/or organize coupons. a. May be redeemed individually.

13. One CD full of her favorite music. a. CD will be burned by giver, who may ask bearer for input on song selection.

14. One mini photo album or video detailing what Mom means to me. a. No exclusions apply!

15. A list of the top five things Mom has given me that have made my life better. a. Creative examples encouraged!

16. One “Leave Mommy Alone” day. a. In coordination with other members of the family, this is a day when Mom can do her own thing without any familial responsibilities.

17. One meal of her favorite foods. a. May require coordination with other members of the family.

18. Three chore opt-outs of her choosing. a. Giver agrees to take on three tasks that usually fall to Mom, upon being asked.

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