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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bad at the Sport, but Great at Life

Here is a short, but sweet article on a NBA athlete that may not be the star of the game, but became a star in life by doing something very nice for someone he did not know.

Though I am not a NBA fan, I like reporting these stories as they so often do not get the exposure that they deserve. Read here: NBA’s Player’s Touching Move

Jamaal Maglorie helped a 7 year old with cerebral palsy who was orphaned when his mother died last week. He paid for her funeral and set up a trust fund for her son.

They make fun of Maglorie for not being the star player they think he should be, but it sounds like he is the kind of man that the other NBA “stars” should be more like.

Being a former good competitor in sports and currently a mediocre, hoping to become better drag racer, I know how important it is to be “good” at what you do. However, as much as I want to be known as a good racer, I much rather be known as good person.

I think the “Pros” in all sports need to consider being more like that. As fans, we need to support those athletes that show they care, live their lives clean and stay out of trouble and not support those athletes who do not seem to care, who do not live right and are always in trouble. If your kids look up to these athletes as someone they would like be like, then who would you want your kid’s role model to be?

Something to think about.


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