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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training - Last Part (I hope)

No More Diapers!

This is the final installment of our Adventures in Potty Training (I hope)
To read our journey through this adventure you can start here:
Adventures in Potty Training Part 1

We have decided to add to our bottom line and take away from adding to the landfill by going totally diaperless. I have three packs of unopened pull-ups to return to the store and a lot of loose ones between the cars and diaper bags that I’m not sure what other use I may find for yet.

It’s scary to let go of them for it means we are at the mercy of his bladder. So far we have had a few weeks of dry nights and naps with very few accidents. He also lets me know when he has to go when we are out and about. I haven’t put a pull up on him in weeks, so I think we are ready.

His biggest thrill is pee peeing outside. Like all boys he loves to pee on things outdoors. I don’t mind when we are in the country, but when he loudly announces it at the park and then proceeds to pull down his pants, I panic as I make the mad dash to stop him. Then, red faced I escort him to the restroom. Only the moms with little ones I think understand. The rest just look on in horror and with disgusted looks. I want to scream at them, “Hey! Have you forgotten how hard it is to train a 2 year old to use the potty?” or “Just wait till it’s your turn you prude!”

I don’t mind too much though. I am so thrilled and proud that my son has mastered this very big milestone. For two years (or longer) we teach our kids to “go” in diapers. Then all of a sudden we tell them it’s not OK and we want them to go into a big bowl. This is very confusing to kids. I really believe though, a child has to really want to learn before they do and I also believe you need to stay consistent and keep with it – don’t give up when it gets hard.

As thrilled as I am at getting past this stage, I am also a little sad. As we close this chapter I find myself looking back and missing the little baby he once was. I am enjoying seeing him grow into the little boy, but I can’t help wishing for another little one. I see now why so often children are spaced about 2 years apart. You long for the little infant……Oh my gosh! Somebody slap me!!! Stop me from wanting another as I am too old and I apparently have forgotten about how hard having another infant is! Please, somebody remind me of all the sleepless nights and oh the diapers.

Still, I can’t help but wonder……………

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