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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Dentist’s Comments Made Me Proud Till Life Brought Me Back Down To Earth

My 2 year old had his first dentist appointment not long ago. If your child hasn’t been to the dentist yet, it’s no big deal. They don’t do much except check to make sure the teeth are getting cleaned when we brush, check the bite and make sure there are no developing problems.

The funny part was, when we pulled up my son freaked out because he thought he was going to the doctor. The dentist and doctor are in the same building. You go through the same double doors and either go left for the doc or right for the dentist. He was so upset when we started walking towards the doors, but became a little intrigued by the new place.

Luckily, they don’t strap him in a chair and hold his head down like I thought they were going to do. I was concerned about it being a traumatic experience, but you just go into a room with toys and no dentist’s chair. The dentist asks questions about brushing, eating, etc and then you hold your child on your lap for a quick looksie. You hold your child facing you, lean their head back and hold their arms down. The dentist can then get a good look at the teeth, both top and bottom and front and back. It only takes a few seconds and the screaming ended abruptly as soon as she was done.

We then received a fun packet with a toothbrush and a prize which today was a big bright balloon. Jake absolutely loved the balloon and was very happy at that point. What put a smile on momma’s face though was the dentist telling me what a good job we were doing with him. Not only was the dentist happy with the way his teeth looked, she liked my answers to her questions.

The dentist liked the fact that I brush his teeth first, then let him try it. He never has had a pacifier and I never sent him to bed with a bottle. He doesn’t suck his thumb and I encourage a variety of foods which makes him less of a picky eater. The dentist proceeded to tell me what a great job I was doing with him and how many parents do not realize the importance of certain habits and underestimate the problems pacifiers and bottles at bed cause.

Though I was feeling a little apprehensive when I came in, I was feeling weightless with joy and pride when we walked out. Getting that validation can mean so much to a first time mom. We as parents sometimes need to get that pat on the back every now and then to let us know we are doing ok by our kids. I truly believe most of us are good parents, but if you are like me you have days where you doubt yourself. So hearing from a “professional” that you are doing a good job is such a great morale booster.

Though the dentist may not have thought so highly of me if she saw that the bathroom sink we brush our teeth so well in has about an inch of old toothpaste and soap scum in it! The thoughts I was entertaining that I was this great and perfect parent came to abrupt halt when I came home, opened the door and saw the shape my house was in. Such as, the dirty dishes still in the sink, the beds unmade, dirty socks strewn about and the dog food that spilled out when a certain little guy stepped in the bowl. These were all the things I couldn’t get to in our rush out the door to make it to the dentist appointment on time. Life has a way of bringing you back down to earth when you start to think you are above all else. Oh well, at least I got to enjoy the ride home thinking I was this great and perfect parent.

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  1. Life is full of stories, isn't it? Great post!

    You have been such an encouragement to me in your comments! Thank you for being such a blessing!



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