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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Do You Remember the '80's

The 1980's - when the hair was bigger and the waistlines smaller. Remember the '80's? If you do, that means you are getting AARP invites in the mail.

You are old enough to remember the 80's if:

1.) Your boyfriend used all your hair gel and had bigger hair than you did.
2.) It was OK for guys to wear eyeliner if they were in a band.
3.) There were two kinds of music - the good rock and the crappy bubble gum music.
4.) The clothes sucked - period.
5.) Women put their makeup on with a putty knife.
6.) Answering machines were the latest thing and were high tech with really small cassette tapes.
7.) Your phone had a pulse/tone switch depending on what kind of line you had.
8.) Cassette tapes were fast replacing 8 tracks – evidence of broken cassettes found on side of road with flowing ribbons of broken tape that obviously were thrown from a moving vehicle.
9.)Both Nascar and Drag Racing Pros drove cars that did not all look alike and you could buy one that resembled them.

10.)Bracket racers had to win races without all the special electronics – they relied more on skill.

…..add your memories here.

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