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Thursday, July 22, 2010

M.O.B. Society = Moms of Boys Society

I am proud to say I am a card carrying member of the Moms of Boys Society.
 I love my son, but it can be a challenge to raise boys into the men we want them to be in today’s world. Sometimes only another mom of a boy can understand!
M.O.B. also helps you to direct your son(s) to follow God’s word and to quote them, “They believe in a God who will supply all of their needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus. And they want to help you have that same faith. No matter what. They want to help you learn to apply scripture practically in your boys’ day-to-day lives. They want to help you answer the hard questions…to understand your own reactions to your boys…to learn how to BEST protect him, and his heart.”

If you have a son and want to connect with other moms who are raising or have raised sons then I recommend you check out M.O.B. They are very encouraging and I think you will enjoy their site. Don’t forget to hook up with them on Facebook as they have some great giveaways!

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