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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mom Tip: Stickers Are a Great Tool

You don’t have to rely on TV to occupy your little one if you need a few uninterrupted moments. Make stickers one of the tools that you can pull out of your mom arsenal to get a small task done.

If you need a few moments to take care of something important like make a phone call to the doctor, balance your checkbook or just put some thoughts down for your next story, then a page of stickers might be enough to buy you some time.

Give a toddler a page of stickers and you may have just enough time to get your task done, but you need to teach them where they are allowed to place them ahead of time. Teaching them the proper way to use stickers before you need that emergency short term “babysitter” is crucial. Also, you may need to help them peel the stickers off by peeling a corner and then folding it down. This makes it easier for little fingers to peel off.

But where is a safe place?

A window is the perfect canvas. The stickers are easily removed, do not leave a residue on the glass and they can enjoy them for as long as you can stand having them up there. The refrigerator is another safe place to apply stickers. You can also teach them to put them on sheets of paper at the kitchen table and then color them later. My 2 year old uses all of these places. One other place I let him use for his sticker canvas – my legs. That’s right. I let him apply his stickers to me. He gets a kick out of it and I get a few moments of quiet time to bang on my keyboard.

And that’s what he is doing right now. I better wrap this up though as he’s almost out of stickers!

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