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Thursday, August 12, 2010

2 Year Old’s Amazing Number of Stall Tactics

It’s amazing how many stall tactics a 2 year old can come up with when it’s bedtime. Including, but not limited to; “I have to use the use the bathroom, cover up (insert name of favorite stuffed animal), cover me up, (as they continue to squirm around and pull the sheet off) I’m hungry, I’m thirsty”, which inevitably causes another bathroom request. Added to the arsenal are the, “Read me another story, I want to play with my cars, let’s go to the track and watch the race cars, I want to play outside, feed the dog”, it just goes on and on.

I think 2 year olds are underestimated in their capacity to come up with alternatives to doing things they don’t want to do like going to bed.

All these excuses take place AFTER the child is in bed. This list does not include the thirty minutes before that that required the constant reminding to pick up the toys, finish your drink, let’s go and brush your teeth and use the bathroom. As well, as taking forever to pick out what book to read and what song to sing. Add into the mix of wanting to talk to grandma on the phone before bed and insisting on going out to the garage to say goodnight to daddy even though daddy was going to come in at bedtime and say goodnight.

Sigh. Usually by the time I get him into bed and asleep finally, I am ready for bed myself! Can you relate?

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