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Monday, August 16, 2010

Nothing Says Summer Like a Popsicle On a Hot Day

I thought I would share these pictures of fun times with a popsicle. Doesn't it just bring back fond memories of when you were a kid?

Note that I am showing only the cute subject with popsicle juice all over and not pictures of me. I just look like I'm melting.

....and don't forget all the fun of showing off your colored tongue!

Oh, how kids keep us young.

Kids remind us of when we were young and they allow you to act goofy like you once did with no judgement. In fact the goofier you act, the more they enjoy it.

So go on, have a popsicle or two and enjoy the summer while it lasts! It will be gone before we know it and so will these fun times when they're little.

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