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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rocking Chair & Wheelie Bars?

My 2 year old thinks the rungs on the back of the rocking chair are really wheelie bars like you see on the back of race cars. He rocks hard in it using the best of his racing sound effects.

He has such a one track mind!

He also won't go hardly anywhere without doing a burnout, pre-stage and stage, then he wants you to count down the tree by saying yellow, yellow, green! Then he takes off, sound effects and all. This is on the way to the potty, down the steps, in the grocery aisle - everywhere!

When watching the races this last Saturday, there were two racers in a staging dual on the line. He was doing his best idling sound effects while everyone watched and waited, then when they finally rolled in and were staged he revved up his sound effects and "launched" when they did. He probably had a better light though! lol

To say he's into racing would be an understatement!

And to say I'm one proud racing momma would also be an understatement!

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