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Monday, September 27, 2010

I Must Recycle My Explosives

Our township is having a special recycling day where you can bring items to recycle that aren’t usually accepted like batteries, paint cans, tires etc. I was looking over the list of accepted and not accepted items to see if we had anything that we needed to clear out. I couldn’t help but notice the odd things listed as not accepted. But I guess they have to draw the line somewhere.

I couldn’t believe what was on the list of items that they wouldn’t accept. Keep in mind, this list of non-acceptable materials probably came about as people brought these odd things with them to recycle. For example:

• Explosives – It makes me wonder if at some point someone showed up on these special recycling days and said, “I don’t think I’ll ever get around to using these grenades and sticks of dynamite, so I think I’ll just have you guys take them and recycle them into something else.”

• Ammunition – I guess if you sold the gun and you later found the ammo that goes with it you might think it can be recycled into a different size of ammo.

• Business or Commercial Waste – Now I never thought about that being a problem. I guess if you’re in the business of say servicing portable potties or a hog farmer then maybe they might not take your business’s waste.

• Radioactive Materials – This was my personal favorite on the list. I wouldn’t even know how an individual would accumulate radioactive material. Maybe it wasn’t meant for individuals. Maybe it was meant for other countries trying to develop nuclear weapons and they don’t have special recycling days like we do. Ironically this list did come out the same time that Iran’s president was visiting. Maybe it was meant for him so he didn’t inadvertently bring their radioactive waste with them in the hopes that our special recycling day might take it. Then again they’re the type that would probably just leave it by the dumpster anyway.


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