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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why Can’t I Parent More Like God?

I wish I was just a fraction of a good parent as God is to us, His children.
When I screw up, He doesn’t yell at me.
When I get dirty, He doesn’t insist I go and clean up right away.
When I make a mistake, He doesn’t point it out.
When I act mean to others, He doesn’t make me apologize.
When I am stingy, He doesn’t force me to share my toys.
When I am bad, He doesn’t yell and scream at me.
He just shows me, gently, how His way is ultimately the better and more satisfying way.
He shows me through His ultimate wisdom, His remarkable patience and His never ending love, the right course to take.
He teaches by example and with gentleness.
He loves me and lets me know it all the time even when I don’t think I deserve it.
I must learn to parent like that.
Why can’t I parent more like God? I have the perfect example to follow. I must try my hardest to follow that example.
Maybe if I ask Him, He will help me.

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