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Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Enjoyed the Day

I took today off. I had one doctor appointment late morning. Since the person who was going to watch my 2 year old became ill, I ended up having to take him with me. It turned out alright as the doctor I had to see was my OB and he says he likes to see the kids. Kind of like seeing “the finished product” so to speak.

Since my son was exceptionally good I asked him where he would like to take me to lunch. Without taking any time to think, he answered, “Manwhich and fwries”. His interpretation of a hamburger and fries at McDonald’s. So off we went to pick up lunch, then to the park for a picnic and playtime.

Today was one of those nice fall days, where the sun is shining, the skies are a pretty blue and the leaves are turning their beautiful golden and auburn colors. The only thing slightly annoying was the wind. It was a little stronger than usual, the kind that makes for bad hair days. All the wind did though is making a long sleeve shirt necessary is all. Not too bad.

After our stint at the park we came home and rather than go inside to do some task that always needs done, we decided to stay out and play. So I ran in and grabbed my book. I didn’t bother to get the mail or listen to the messages on the answering machine. I didn’t take the wet clothes out of the washer and I didn’t even clear the kitchen sink of dirty dishes – something I almost always do before leaving the house in the morning. I just decided to let it all go.

Maybe the book I’m reading,
The Gift of an Ordinary Day by Katrina Kenison may have something to do with my laid back attitude. Maybe it’s the feeling of I’d better enjoy these last few warm days before the dreaded winter cold sets in or maybe it’s just God saying to me, “Take a break, enjoy what I have created and all that I have blessed you with, you deserve it.” Either way, I’m taking that advice.

While watching my son ride his bike, push his wagon and playing with balls on a slide, I am reminded of how blessed I am to be able to be here in this moment with him. I am not at all concerned of how knotted my hair is getting in the wind, I just enjoy the freshness it brings. I am not concerned with a house full of work waiting to be tackled, a long to do list or even what I’m going to make for dinner. I just enjoy being in the moment. I see my dog sniff the air earnestly as he filters through all the different smells and comically I try, too, wishing I had his sense of smell and wondering all that I’m missing out on. Then I rethink that wish and am grateful for my lack of that ability.

I take time to take in the sky, something I haven’t done much at all lately, maybe not even this year. I sit amazed at how beautiful the color blue it is, how the few wispy clouds look so brilliantly white. I gaze at a vulture and wonder what he sees from his lofty position dancing on air currents. Though they may not be the most beautiful looking birds up close, when watching them expertly navigate the wind currents and soar like no other, you can’t help but be a little envious.

I believe every morning we are given the gift of another day to, “Get it right” so to speak. I believe that this day was given to me to remind me of the simple things in life – the laughter of a child, the chatter of a squirrel searching for that nut he buried, the warmth of the sun on your face and not worrying if you have enough sunscreen on, the sound of a tricycle bell being rung by a little boy and the wind in your hair. My batteries are recharged, my soul refreshed. I feel I can handle the rest of the evening with a lightness I didn’t have the previous day.

So, the total cost for the day - $20 copay for the doctor; $8 for a lunch that gave me indigestion; taking time to enjoy the day, you guessed it – priceless.

~Begin to Dream Again

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