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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My 2 Year Old & The Stream of Toilet Paper

My 2 year old is really good at going to the potty. He even prefers to “wipe” himself now after pooping. This is great except when he doesn’t do a thorough job, but he’s getting better.

But like most things two year olds do, it always has a comical side. Today one of the comical episodes was after pooping and wiping he came out to tell me what a good job he had done, like he always does. This time however he must have forgotten that he had the end of the toilet paper roll still in his hand. Strung out of the bathroom, all the way down the hall and into the living room was a great big long stream of toilet paper.

I couldn’t get mad. All I did was gasp, then giggled, then asked him, “Jake. Good job on going potty, but did you forget something?” He looked at me with a puzzled look. I said, “Well, you need to wash your hands.” He started to turn to go back to the bathroom when I said, “Jake. Did you forget you’re holding the end of the toilet paper roll?” He looked down, looked surprised and said, “Uh-Oh. I’ll fix it!” He proceeded to run back into the bathroom and started gathering up all the toilet paper. Luckily for me and our pipes, I managed to stop him before he stuffed it all into the toilet!

I just love this age.

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