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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010’s Funny Facebook Postings Part 1 of 2

I never thought about all the little sayings I posted on Facebook about my son and how someday he might enjoy reading them. So I went back through them and copied them all down. Whew! That was a job and I don’t even post that much! So here is the first six months. When December is done, I will post them, too.
You might want to do something similar for your children. They may enjoy hearing what was happening when they were little at the time it was happening.


· Jacob is watching the Cars movie for the zillionth time. He LOVES this movie so much! He calls it "Pachow". I don't like for him to watch too much TV, but letting him watch this once or twice a week sure allows me to get something done! OK, I admit it, it's my favorite movie, too!


· It’s amazing how a 2 year old turning the computer’s power button on and off really fast while it’s trying to install updates can cause more damage to your operating system than any virus! Ugggh!


· My 2 year old brought me his battery operated toy car that quit working. With big sad eyes and very upset he holds his car up to me and says, ”Fix car?” New batteries didn’t work, so I decided to take it apart. After mending a broken wire, handing it back to him and seeing his big smile, that was worth more to me than any paycheck I have ever received before. Five minutes of my time made me a hero in his eyes.


· A typical 20 second conversation with my 2 year old. “Jake, will you pick up your crayons please? “NO!” “Jake, please drink your juice in the kitchen.” “NO!” “Jake, are you done eating?” “NO!” “Then sit back down.” “NO!” “Jake, do you have to go potty?” NO!” “Jake, did you just go pee-pee in your pants?” “NO!” “Jake, do you want to go to the track to see the cars?” “YES!”

· What I would give to have an ounce of my 2 year old's energy level.

· My 2 year old locked the front door behind me as I went outside to get something. Luckily I managed to beat him to the backdoor before he did! What have I learned? To always take my keys with me!

· Why do little kids at night in bed flop around like fish in the bottom of a boat? I am up 3-4 times a night covering my son back up. He wakes me up as he gets cold and I find him huddled up in a ball crying with the blanket balled up on the other side of the bed. I guess I am going to have to velcro it to his body.


· We were laughing the other day when Jim's blue '63 vette and Stevie's red '63 vette were on the line, Jake started jumping up and down screaming that The King & Pachow (that's what he calls Lighting McQueen) from the movie Cars were on the line racing! He loves those cars. That's my boy!


· I've worked for some pretty demanding bosses in my time, but by far the most demanding is my 2 year old. Though he's tough to please, my performance reviews from him have been great and unlike other bosses, I'll accept his kisses as payment. lol :)

· How do you convince a 2 year old that there is no racing today? He doesn't believe me!

· Take 1 screaming mad toddler + 1 haircut + exasperated hair stylist = 1 big, fat tip.

· Finally got cable with Speed channel. While staying up with sick little one, watching neat shows like Pass Time and Pinks. The motor sounds help Jake to sleep as he loves race cars. :)

· So proud of my little one! He is now using the bathroom on his own. Only thing he needs help with is turn the water on and off and help with putting his pants back on. Not bad for a 28 month old!

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