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If you are NOT like the person mentioned above and you want to come hang out with someone who isn’t a Supermom either, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cell Phones and 3,092 People

‎3,092 people died last year due to crashes involving cell phone use.
Everyone of those people was someone's child, someone's mom or dad, a loved one. Somewhere someone is grieving a senseless loss because someone just had to read that incoming text.
Was it worth it?
Next time, it could be you or your child who dies.
Now, is it worth it?
Let's put down the phones people, while driving.
No call or text is worth your life, your children's life or someone else's child's (like mine) life.
I see so many people doing this, it scares me.
Please stop!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Help a Small Child Countdown to Christmas

If you have a toddler, preschooler or kindergartener then you know how hard it is for them to wait for Christmas. This tree can help little ones countdown to the big day and help them learn number recognition.
My 3 year old was always disappointed every morning he woke up and saw that Santa hadn’t been here yet. He was having a hard time understanding that he had to wait till the 25th.
To make this really simple project all you need is some green construction paper, some round white stickers and a small red stamp that has a design of a decorative ornament on it.
Cut out your tree, no need to be perfect, or if your child is old enough, have them cut it out.
Then take a sheet of circle shaped white stickers and number them from 1 to 25.
Then have your child put the stickers on himself. It’s OK if the numbers get put on upside down, it’s their project and it adds to the charm if it’s not perfect.
Then have them stamp off the numbers each day adding an ornament to the tree every time they stamp a day off. My son is quick to remind me we have to stamp off another day.
We hang ours on the refrigerator and I keep the stamp out of my son’s reach so I don’t end up with “ornament stamps” all over my house.
Try this easy project and watch your children get excited as they stamp off the days one by one.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rough Morning

It has been one of those mornings.
You know the kind, where literally everything goes wrong starting with the sleepless night you had before.
Today I’m not sure if my name is Mom or Monster.
My 3 ½ year old decided this morning was a good morning to pick a fight, dig his heels in and refuse to do anything I wanted starting with breakfast and it just got worse from there.
I picked the wrong morning to pick a fight, dig my heels in and refuse to do anything my toddler wanted starting with breakfast and it just got worse from there.
These mirror images of each other set us up for World War 3.
He and I both did one thing together though – we both lost our cool.
It was ugly and I mean ugly. I’m sure you could see the mushroom cloud from space.
He screamed and threw a fit, I tried rationalizing, pleading then finally yelling and I yelled loud.
When it came to getting what I wanted done it was a disaster. I used every threat I could come up with, stopping short of any physical threat of course. I couldn’t get him to do what I wanted to do and he couldn’t get what he wanted so the battle lines were drawn.
I’m sure the Mother of the Year award is out of reach now, not that I ever thought I would even be nominated anyway.
I just believe that when you make a reasonable request, the child should follow it. At least what I believe to be reasonable. What’s reasonable to a toddler is an entirely different thing.
I just know that there are things that if you the parent, cave on, then the behavior will be that much worse the next time you make a request.
How did it get so bad? I refused to let him “win.” And he wasn’t willing to let me “win”. That’s it, plain and simple. Neither one of us was willing to budge as we both watched the clock ticking away, counting down the time for when we had to leave for school. To say we are alike would be an understatement and never as much as when we are both being too strong willed for our own good.
After the battle, we finally met in the middle, a place where both exhausted sides could compromise a little. We were still able to hold on to our dignity and feel like we both won, if just a little. But how pathetic is that? I mean, a mother and son should never go to war against each other. I should be his backup, not his enemy. How could I have been so stupid as to fight over something so insignificant? Was it really that important he do what I said for him to do? I thought about how awful it would be if something happened to him today and his last memory of me was us fighting. I literally felt sick.
When we had calmed down, I sat on the floor and held him tight in a hug. I apologized for losing my temper and yelling things I shouldn’t have and explained my reasons. I let him explain his, but I never really got any apology from him and being he is a young child I felt foolish for expecting one. He naturally did what all children do; he lost interest in the conversation and changed the subject.
We went to pre-school and I stayed while he did the first two activities. I explained to the teachers why I wanted to stay for a short time, stating we had a really rough morning. Bless them for their insight as it must have been written all over my face.
They both said they understood and said they have been there with their own children before and to not take it as being a bad mom. They said sometimes, it’s just the situation and no one can have the perfect answer all the time. They shared examples of where they “blew it” which made me feel a little better, but not much. I said I wanted to stay as a feeble attempt to make sure he knows I love him and I’m interested in what he’s doing, but it was probably more for my own selfish reasons in an effort to feel less guilty.
The fact that he was being defiant and that I was not willing to budge caused such a rift between us. I now am plagued with guilt and sit here in tears and in shame for my lack of being the parent in a bad situation.
Not only am I not Supermom, there are times like these where I don’t even feel I’m a decent mom. I want to be though. I really, really want to be a good mom! More than anything, for I know if I mess up being a mom, nothing else I ever accomplish will mean anything.
I have to stop writing now, as I only have an hour left before I have to go and pick him up. That doesn’t leave much time to finish crying and get my work done. But I am sure of one thing, I will be the first parent in line to pick him up. I can’t wait to see him, hug him and tell him how much I love him and to say I’m sorry about his luck at drawing me to be his mom.
One bad and sad mom.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

“Grace is not a prayer, but a way to live.”

Grace is such a sweet word. I picture a woman with grace as being beautiful in everything she does.
My mother was a woman with grace. She was very polished and seemed to handle every situation with such a level of grace that it earned her a great number of admirers. Though my mother was like this, I am not.
This leads me to wonder if grace is a God given talent or is it a trait that can be learned?
I think just like those with a talent for music, you are born with a certain amount of grace instilled in you. And just like anyone can learn to play music, I do believe a certain amount of grace can be learned if someone is willing to put forth the effort required to learn something that may come easier to others.
It may also be possible that grace is something that is taught at such an early age that it appears that it was a talent a person was naturally born with.
So, what is a person like me who wasn’t born with a significant amount of grace and whose mother passed away before she was able to instill any grace lesson plan onto me to do?
One way may be to seek out a woman with grace and observe her mannerisms. How does she handle certain situations with ease and is there a secret to her grace? If I were to ask what her secret to handling everything with grace was, I wonder what she would tell me.
Some women would simply smile and politely thank me for my kind remark and have no earthly idea why she behaves the way she does. Those would be the ones with the natural born talent.
Another, perhaps older woman with grace would smile and say, “My dear, if you want grace, you must first ask God for His grace. Then live the way He intended. Love one another, help others when you can and to forgive when it’s needed. That is living with grace.”
She might continue by saying, “You must practice being graceful in everything you do. Picture yourself being the person you want to be in every situation and practice, practice, practice.”
Just like any skill that is learned, I must study those who have already mastered the skill and practice the methods they use till I am good at them.
Even if I never master the skill of being graceful in every situation, I know the mere fact of trying to improve myself in that area will allow me to achieve a certain level of gracefulness I didn’t have before.
Though I may never achieve the level of grace my mother had, I like the idea of trying and to even be a little like her would be well worth the effort.
If you long to be a woman of grace, I wish you well in your efforts and if you are already a woman of grace, please share some of your secrets with us!
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Are You Going to Over-Commit Yourself Again This Holiday?

"Over-commitment kills relationships and steals joy."
~Susie Larson
Are you starting to over-commit yourself already this holiday season? Are you secretly dreading the holidays and can’t wait till they’re over because of all the work that’s in store for you? Then maybe you are over-committing yourself.

When you promise too much to too many people you aren’t helping any. You are actually causing harm. You are harming yourself and the ones around you, because when you over-commit by promising too much, you end up worn out, grouchy and depressed.
This causes the people around you harm when your actions reflect your bad mood. In essence, you hurt their feelings. You get short tempered with your kids for causing more havoc and chaos (why can’t they behave better?), you get angry at your spouse for not helping more (after all they are his parents!), and irritated with your family for expecting you to do it all (can’t someone else host the party this year for a change?)

So, how can you stop over-committing yourself and still get all the things done on your to do list? Well, the simple answer is, you can’t.

Sometimes, doing less is actually doing more. Sit down with your spouse and your children if they are older and make a list of all the things you think you need to do. Then prioritize.
Do you have to put up all the holiday decorations in the attic or can you do without a lot of it?
Less is more and a few pretty things looks so much better than a bunch of decorations just put out everywhere just because you have them.
Do you really have to get a present for everyone?
This year might be the best time to talk with all the adults in your circle of friends, family and co-workers and discuss a no gift holiday. I bet many of them will be relieved you brought it up. Include anyone over 18 in the no gift tradition.
You can also draw names for the kiddos in the family if there are many children. They can do the exchange amongst themselves and the kids will really get a kick out of drawing a name, keeping it a secret and shopping for the gift. Remember to set a dollar limit like $5 or $10.
This greatly eases the burden on everyone and relieves a ton of stress. Thanksgiving time is a great time to draw the names.
One exception from the name drawings and no gifts holiday may be older parents or grandparents. They deserve our gratitude and anything we can do for them. But avoid trinkets. Few people need more “stuff”, so maybe everyone going in together to buy something they really need that no one can afford on their own is a great idea.
Do you really need to attend all the parties you’ve been invited to?
No, of course not. Find out if which events are really important to everyone in your household to attend and only commit to those activities. School plays and any religious ceremonies might be some important ones not to miss.

If you feel you must attend more than one holiday party, then make your appearance brief, but friendly. An hour is long enough as long as you make a point to try and visit with everyone briefly and remember to be lively. Just long enough for them to know you were there, but not so long as to cut too much into your time.
Do you have to make everything yourself?
Don’t bother making something from scratch if you feel it’s too much to do right now. Just swing by the grocery store and pick up some cookies or cupcakes. Buy a cheap plastic, decorative plate or container and have it ready for you to transfer the goodies from the store’s plastic box onto your plate and no one will be the wiser. Some inexpensive bouquet of flowers or wine for the hostess is also a nice touch.

When it comes to hosting your own family holiday party, it’s OK to ask for help. Ask everyone to bring something to share. So what if everyone shows up with desserts. Most people won’t complain about having more choices in goodies.

Also, though we are all trying to be more Eco friendly, I think it’s OK to occasionally break out the plastic utensils and paper plates. What dishes you do have, ask for help cleaning up. Some great conversations are to be had when one is washing, one is rinsing and one or more is drying.

Keep the menu simple, no big turkeys or hams unless you really want to. If someone makes a snide comment about the store bought cold cuts tray, then smile and say you look forward to attending next year’s party at their house!

If you do want to cook, then ask for help making the side dishes. Light some candles, put on some music and crack open a bottle of wine for the helpers to make it fun. Cooking can be fun and festive with a group of people and some good conversation. Your guests will enjoy themselves and you more if everyone, including their hostess is having a good time.

Did you remember yourself?
Shortly before the holiday’s craziness begins make an appointment for yourself at a salon. Just make sure to make your appointment weeks ahead of time as this is their busy season. Get your hair done, your nails and maybe even a massage. Taking some special time for yourself and maybe giving yourself a new look does wonders for your mood and your outlook.

Most of all remember what the season is all about. It will help put things into perspective.

Then sit back, enjoy your loved ones and accept all the compliments on a great time had by all!
Wishing you a fun filled, stress free and safe holiday!
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What a Way to Wake Up

Nothing like hearing the garbage truck outside in the early AM to make you leap out of bed in a single bound, trip over the covers that were knocked on the floor, rush down the stairs while putting on your robe inside out, rush outside to chase the truck down all while dragging your garbage can behind you - only to discover it's the wrong day and your garbage collection company doesn't come till tomorrow.
Yep, nothing like that way to start a morning.
Where's my caffeine….

Monday, November 21, 2011

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Friday, November 18, 2011

The hard questions are now coming

The hard question is now here - "Mama, where is your mama?"
It is hard to make a young child understand why one grandma lives 15 minutes away who he sees regularly and one he can't see, because she lives with Jesus.
He wants to get in the car and drive to heaven so he can see her.
I can feel the sting of the tears as they try and fill my eyes.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

How Sad a Clean Fridge Can Be

We are trying to sell our house and I’m emphasizing the word “trying”. The market is horrible and we aren’t having much luck. So when the realtor office calls to make an appointment for a viewing, we get very zealous in our efforts to make everything look as perfect as we can.
One of the things we do of course is de-clutter the most cluttered room in most American homes – the kitchen. Since we have a toddler and very busy lives we have one of those refrigerators where the outside is so covered up with calendars, grocery lists, photographs, inspirational sayings, drawings and of course magnets. So many magnets holding up so much stuff that no one truly knows the color of the outside of our refrigerator.
So, one of things that must be done is to remove all of those things clinging to the outside of the refrigerator like barnacles to a boat. Not to mention all the other stuff that collects on the counter. This requires a good size plastic container with a lid so it can be literally thrown into a closet on our way out the door moments before the potential buyers pull into the driveway.
I wonder if they can hear from outside the banging of stuff hitting the back wall of the closets and the slamming of doors and know that we truly do not live this clutter free of a life? I feel sort of like I’m living a lie when I look around our gleaming rooms so free of personal things as if a very impersonal, organized, almost perfect family lives here when in actuality a very busy and a very imperfect family does.
Upon arriving home I feel a sense of relief I don’t have to clean anymore today and there is something soothing about coming home to a clean house. It certainly is good for the soul to live a cluttered free, clean house type of life, even though my subconscious knows the closets are about ready to blow with all the stuff crammed inside.
I stop, breathe deep and relish in the moment of cleanliness for just a moment. I’m awakened from my Zen type state with the crash of cars being dumped out of the toy box all over the floor and the sounds of normal life starting to wind back up. I’m happy and hopeful for the moment, but it’s the stark nakedness of the refrigerator that causes me to stop and ponder a bit.
I’m reminded of a time in my life when my refrigerator was always clean and clutter free and you’d think I would long for that time, but actually it reminded me of a sadder, more lonelier time when I was by myself. I never want to go back there again. I want my cluttered fridge back!
When we start to put everything back on the refrigerator, my son putting his magnets and drawings back on and me putting all the calendars, lists, etc back on I’m filled with a sense of happiness and gratefulness.
This cluttered, over-full refrigerator is a sign that a real family lives here, with all the joy and laughter and love that is reflected in every magnet holding up every crayon scribbled drawing and long to do lists. I smile as the clutter transforms the kitchen back into “our” kitchen and truth be told, I wouldn’t trade my refrigerator for anything in the world, except maybe a bigger one, of course.
I think we need to go out and get some more magnets, we have a lot more life yet to add to the old “icebox.”

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Making Fire Drills Fun

We started doing home fire drills with our 3½ year old. I felt it was time to teach him what to do in case of a fire and learn to do those things without Mom and Dad being there to instruct him. Though it seems like a scary thing to teach, I feel it's essential.

I lived through a furnace fire a few years back and only by the grace of God did I survive. My dog woke me up as I was already being overcome with smoke. The smoke alarms were going off, but I didn't wake up till my dog jumped on me and started shoving his nose in my face. I owe that dog my life. I used to think I knew what to do in case of a fire, but I found out how hard it is to remember the right things without practicing them. When your adrenaline is pumping out of fear, it is essential to just know automatically what to do and the only way to do that is to practice often till it becomes just an automatic response.

I began our fire drill by making it exciting and talking about it like a game. This made it more fun for him. We practiced with him in bed. I pressed the button on the fire alarm so he would know what it sounded like. Then while I was constantly saying, "Beep, beep, beep!" we ran down the steps and put shoes on fast. I had him unlock the door and open it himself, run out in the cold without a coat, run next door and pound on the neighbor's door yelling, "Help! Fire!" over and over.

I then told him to not wait for Mom or Dad and to never, ever go back in the house. I told him how he should wait at the neighbors for the firemen and their fire trucks which he thinks seeing them is cool.

It can be challenging trying to teach something very serious, but still keep it fun enough so as to not lose the child's interest.

Do make it fun, but  also throw curve balls at them once they get good at doing it one way. Once your child learns what to do by going out the front door, teach them the other ways they can get out, like what do if they can’t get out the front door, etc. I tell them they may not be able to see and if the house is full of smoke how they can crawl like a baby on the floor.

Often times you are met with questions of what a fire can do, if they will have to go to the hospital and who will get their pets out. I recommend being very honest and frank, but always follow up with some reassuring words such as, "Fire can be very scary and can hurt really bad, but know that Mama or Daddy will always find you and come get you" or "We will get your doggie, you just go next door and wait for us."

I urge you to take the time to do this with your children together as a family and with each child individually and practice it often. Offer rewards such as a treat later or stickers or whatever you want as an incentive to practice and to make it rewarding for doing the right thing.

My dad had very smart words. He said, “Hope and pray for the best, but prepare for the worst.” These are very good words to live by in preparing for disasters. Though I don’t like scaring my child, I do want him to know what to do in case of an emergency such as a fire so he won’t freeze in fear. We will practice at least on a monthly basis so he will do it automatically thereby possibly saving his own life.

I pray it’s a skill we never have to use.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shop from Home this Holiday!

If you’re like me, the holidays, though wonderful and joyous, can also be a source of added stress as we try and pack more things into our already busy lives. And holiday shopping can be one of those things that can add stress and take so much of our time.
The last thing most people need is more “stuff” and gift cards can be a little impersonal, so what do we buy the people on our list?
How about giving something unique this year that will be very much appreciated?
How about giving the gift of good health this year?
Shaklee has designed a couple of wonderful gift packages that are easy to wrap and go as they come in a festive box and you can order them all from the comfort of your own home.
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A year of Cleaner, Healthier Water - Cheaper than bottled and healthier, too!
Spa Shea Butter & Stress Relief Complex – Relax and soothe
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You can shop for 4 people or even for yourself while you save money and time! Below are these special packages along with some gift ideas to go with them if you like.
Ø  Spa Package – Go to the spa without ever leaving home! Put in a cute basket or box with a bath pillow and maybe some nice chocolates.
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Happy Shopping!
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Health Update

November Health Update
In this issue:
·         Eat Healthier & Cheaper
·         Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Shake
·         Profile: A mom who dreamed of staying home with her kids
Eating Healthier & Cheaper
November is here and the holidays will soon be knocking on our door. Cooking, eating and finding ways to pay for all that food are on most of our minds.
The price of food is outrageous! You may be trying to eat healthier, but finding the price of it all a bit too much.
We are the only country in the world whose poor are fat and the rich are thin. The main reason is that the cheapest foods available are the over processed, over re-fined, high fat, high sodium, convenience foods. A healthy diet can cost more and when your cash is limited, you go with what you can afford.
So how do we afford to feed our families and eat right at the same time?
Well, it requires a bit of work.
I can see your shoulders slump and hear your sigh. It’s really not that much work. It just takes a bit of planning.
We all tend to fall into the rut of making the same meals over and over again and I bet a lot of those meals include pouring some kind of sauce over some kind of pasta. Am I right?
Then there’s eating out. Wow! That is not cheap! And let’s be honest, if we knew and saw how that food was being prepared, we wouldn’t have the courage to eat it. The safest and healthiest way to eat is to fix it ourselves. Somehow knowing who touched our food and knowing it was prepared safely goes a long way to enjoying our meals.
Taking some time to plan out meals ahead of time, collect coupons, shop and stock up when items go on sale and cooking, yes cooking your own meals at home is how to eat right and save money.
This will take approximately 1-2 hours a week. More if your family keeps interrupting you as you try and plan this all out on Sunday evening. Warn the next person that interrupts you will cause the family to eat nothing but beans and brussels sprouts the rest of the week!
Now that the kids have left you alone for awhile, take out a simple cookbook, or go online and look at a few simple recipes. Remember to keep the meals simple. Most should be able to be made in less than 30 minutes. Look at the grocery ad for the upcoming week and plan your meals around what’s on sale. Clip your coupons and make your list.
Remember to cook more than what you need for tonight’s dinner. Cooking for two or ten takes about the same amount of time and doesn’t cost all that much more, so cook more and freeze the leftovers. You’ll save money by re-heating leftovers rather than ordering pizza or picking up takeout on your way home. Plus it’s healthier.
When you buy meat, cook it all up at once, divide it up into separate containers, date and freeze. That way, when you have a recipe that calls for meat, you will have the long part, which is cooking it, already done.
Remember to always add veggies or fruit as a side dish. Make it a habit and instruct the kids before they can have seconds of their favorite food, they must finish what’s on their plate first. They may baulk at first, but over time good habits will eventually be learned.
Want to have a quick, easy and affordable convenience food for those nights where there is absolutely no time to cook? Try Shaklee’s Meal Shakes or Cinch Shakes. They’re affordable, they’re good for you and best of all they’re fast and delicious! Kids love them and they are also portable. Something pizza and drive thru tacos are not.
Cinch also has their Snack Bars or Meal in a Bar which are great to tide you over till you get home.
Oh, and sometimes when we change our diet to better food our stomachs and digestive system sometimes go into shock. Your body is so happy to have good stuff that it will excitedly purge the bad stuff causing bloating, gas, etc.
To help your tummy feel better and not drive off your friends, try EZ Gest
So see, there are ways to eat healthier, save money and your sanity all at the same time! Talk about multi tasking!

Spice Up Your Holidays with a Cinch® Pumpkin Spice Shake

Love pumpkin pie, but still trying to stick to your Cinch plan over the holidays? Try this Pumpkin Spice shake recipe to add some variety to your shake. It tastes just like pumpkin pie! 
Pumpkin Spice Shake Recipe
2 scoops Cinch Vanilla Shake Mix
8 oz non-fat milk or low fat soy milk
2 tbsp canned pumpkin
½ tsp pumpkin spice
Dash of vanilla extract
Dash of cinnamon
4 – 6 ice cubes
Blend until creamy.
286 calories, 24 g protein, 42 g carbohydrate, 3 g fat*
*Nutrient values when non-fat milk is used
Visit http://cinchclub.com for more tasty and inspiring recipes you can enjoy during the holidays!

Profile - Tori Minder

Tori Minder dreamed of a different life…a life where she could be present for the important moments in the lives of her children. And she wasn’t sure it was possible, until a friend told her about Shaklee.
I have always dreamed of being able to stay at home and raise my children. But when my husband Nic and I found out I was pregnant with our first child we knew that there was no other option for me but to continue working. I continued to teach after my daughter was born and all through my second pregnancy, but I cried most days. I was so afraid I was going to miss all her firsts—the first time she sat up, the first time she stood alone, the first time she walked.
And by the time I came home from work, meetings, late afternoons of grading/planning, or conferences, I was totally exhausted and had no energy for my daughter or my husband. I felt like I couldn’t be a good mom, wife, or teacher because my heart was at home. After my son was born, we decided I wouldn’t return to teaching. I thought my prayers had finally been answered.
But after a couple of months of worrying about finances and finding that our money was running out, my husband and I knew I had to go back to work. I sent in applications to different schools and daycares but I hadn’t heard anything yet. I would often call my friend Kara Sears (Senior Director, IN) to talk because I knew we had the same passion—to be at home with our children.
While I was in Tennessee on a family trip, Kara called me and told me she knew a way that I could live out my passion. As soon as I returned home, I called Kara and met with her and her mom. It was then she presented the Shaklee Dream Plan to me. I kept thinking, “This sounds way too good to be true. Is it?” I talked to Nic when I got home and we thought maybe this is the answer we’d been praying for. We continued to meet with Kara and her husband, Kyle to learn more and discovered that Shaklee could give us the life that we want for our family.
We started building in August of this year and thanks to Shaklee, we are creating a healthier and wealthier life. And we’re also sharing Shaklee with others to help them achieve their own dreams.

That’s it for this month’s newsletter! To learn more about the products or opportunity mentioned here, you can visit our website at www.tobehealthy.myshaklee.com or fill out our Contact Form for a free, no obligation Info Packet.
 I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and go ahead and indulge a little. Just remember, everything in moderation, which is better than having to wear elastic pants the next several months!
To Your Good Health,


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