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Monday, January 10, 2011

2010’s Funny Facebook Postings Part 2 of 2

I forgot about Part 2!

I never thought about all the little sayings I posted on Facebook about my son and how someday he might enjoy reading them. So I went back through them and copied them all down. Whew! That was a job and I don’t even post that much! So here is the first six months. When December is done, I will post them, too.You might want to do something similar for your children. They may enjoy hearing what was happening when they were little at the time it was happening.

  • I have officially become THAT mom whose kid has a screaming meltdown in the grocery store. Luckily I was able to diffuse it quick, but I could feel that look of death stares from the other non-moms. They should have an express lane for those with little kids.
  • Had to laugh at my 2 year old the other day. We were all at the bookstore, he proceeded to pull up a stool, sit down, pull out a book off the shelf and start reading it. He was turning the pages one by one so seriously. The book was titled, "How To Make Step Families Work" We all had a good laugh.


  • My 2 year old thinks the rungs on the back of the rocking chair are wheelie bars. He has a one track mind. lol
  • One little man here has found where the dog cookies are at. Caught him feeding the dog handfuls at a time. His partner in crime (the dog) was eagerly following him around. No wonder they are such great buds!
  • Ever since Jake saw my car doing wheelstands, he has been obsessed with doing "wheelie poppers" as he calls them on everything.
  • It's hard to see your child inherit some of your behaviors. Makes you say, "Uh oh"
  • You know you are serving too much not-so-good-for-you food when your oven timer goes off and your 2 year old yells, "Pizza done!"
  • Nothing like sharing some homemade strawberry-banana smoothies with a cute (little) guy in the morning, then watch him color with chalk on the sidewalk in the morning. I have deadlines to meet, laundry to do, house to clean, grass to mow and I don't care!
  • I learned not to tell a 2 year old to hold it. While in the chiropractor's office, he kept telling me he had to go and I said, hold on we're almost done....he didn't make it. Peed all over the floor. Poor little guy was so upset and I was so embarrassed. I kept saying, It's not your fault honey, it's mama's fault.” All the while apologizing to the doc. I am sure they will lock the door the next time they see us coming!


  • Just got home from Indy – Our son’s first Indy trip and he loved it! We were close to the starting line with the fuel cars and he was grinning big. During warmups, he wiped the nitro from his eyes and grinned. That's my little "hotrod".
  • My son has a splinter in the bottom of his foot that I didn't notice. Now it's swollen and red and the splinter is buried under the skin. No way to get it out w/o digging it out. Tried to this evening and I coudn't bear his screaming. That and he is way too strong. Not sure how I'm going to get it out. May try epsom salts tomorrow. Dad ended up doing it. He was able to hold him down and pull it out quick! Yea!!
  • My son found out that if he colors on my kitchen floor that he's the one that's going to clean it up. I gave him a scrubby pad with some Basic-H and told him scrub all the color marks off. He did a good job. Yes, I make my kid clean up and do chores. :)
  • 2 year old: Mom, Mom, Mom, Mama, Mama, Mama, Mommy, Mommy, MOM! MOM! MMMOOOMMM!!! Me: WHAT?!!!! Jake: Hi. It doesn't just happen in cartoons....
  • I love how cute a little child singing the A B C's is, especially when they have their own ways of pronouncing some of the letters. The sweetest sound is the voice of your own child. Unless they are screaming in the middle of a store!
  • Went to Entertrainment Junction yesterday. Thanks to my niece for the free tickets! Pretty cool, worth seeing. We all loved it. All was fun till we had to leave...meltdown bigtime.
  • So far this morning, I've fed a hungry, screaming Banshee, cleaned up after a tornado, fixed two dragsters and replaced the wheels on a hot rod. For now I'm the hero. I will relish in that till he learns that I'm really just a mere mortal.


  • My 2 year old wants something. I told him if he was good and helped Mama out today, he could. I hear the buzzer telling me the clothes washer was done. I walk into the laundry room and find him already taking the clothes out and putting them in the dryer. He finishes, looks up and says, "Me help Mama!" Wow!
  • Came home to roses and the most beautiful card ever written in crayon. It warmed my heart after a cold, long night. I am truly blessed.
  • At my age White Castles (or as my son calls them - "Toot Burgers") really isn't a wise choice.


  • I love the grocery store's parking lot. It runs downhill and you can really build up some speed to ride on the back of the cart. My 2 year old loves it when we do that. He thinks it's funny that mommy acts like a kid and when we reach the van he yells, "Finish Line!"
  • My son got his first heartbreak today. The grocery store's one race car cart was already taken when we got there. He had a meltdown, then he saw the cart later with another little boy in it. He looked so sad as he watched him go by. I knelt down and put my arm around him and tried to comfort him, but his little sad face expressed it all. :'(
  • So last night my son looks out the window and sees the neighbors with their tree up already. He asks while holding up his little hands and with a pout on his face, "Where's our tree?" Guess I know what we're doing today.


  • It has begun....my 2 year old just stuck a crayon up his nose. Goodbye sweet little innocent boy. Hello future Emergency Room visits!
  • We were watching Pass Time. My 2 year old got in trouble and had to go to time out. When he came back they were showing the previous car that ran. He said, "Huh, I missed one! Mama, I missed one?" I said, "Yes, it ran when you were in time out." He was not happy. lol
  • My son has a new car passion to add to his many others. Tonight as he ran around the track tower as he calls it, made out of legos he keeps repeating, "Mama, I'm drifting! I'm drifting!"

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