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Friday, January 28, 2011

Does Your Toddler Have a Meltdown When It’s Time to Leave?

Mine does and did so today as we left the library after story time. Our exit resembled more of a riot between protestors and Police. Actually I was expecting the police to show up and haul me away at anytime under the suspicion of kidnapping.

I get to the library early so we can play and read books, which helps them release some energy before heading into a room full of 30 other toddlers. This is met with great enthusiasm by the kids. However, story time ends right before our scheduled lunch time and since I like to stay on schedule (for my sanity’s sake) we usually have to leave right after story time ends. But leaving can be a nightmare.

I understand that when you are having fun, no one likes to leave and a toddler has no concept of time. He simply cannot understand why it’s time to go.

I’m sure the other people in the library and parking lot were thinking he was being kidnapped, as all my reasoning with him fell short. So I was forced to just sweep him up and put him in his car seat, kicking and screaming at the top of his lungs.

You really get a feel for how strong little toddlers are when you have to muscle them into a car seat against their will! Who needs strength training when you have to try and put a 30 pound fighting, screaming Banshee in a seat. It becomes quite a comical scene with all the flailing arms and legs as you try to block blows and buckle straps at the same time.

My threats of never coming back to story time and see how well So & So (the little girl I watch) is behaving isn’t the best approach, but when you’ve exhausted all your tactics and you are feeling the warmth of embarrassment on your face, you sometimes resort to the old phrases your own mom used on you.

After I got the kids to bed for naptime I was greeted by an email in my inbox that so poignantly had an article on how to make graceful exit’s with little ones. Sure, now you tell me.

I laughed when it described our exit and then felt bad as the article mentioned about not saying exactly what I had said.

Great. Where was this article before I left for story time? The timing was off. Right day, wrong hour.

Oh well, at least I know what to stick in my arsenal bag for the next time I have to deal with a screaming toddler who fights like a Ninja when it’s time to leave – candy.

Just kidding.

The candy is for me later during nap time.

Actually the article has some great advice if you would like to read it >
Exit Time When It’s Time to Go Home

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