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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where Am I losing This Weight?

I have a secret to share.

I have been trying to get fit and get healthy for awhile now. There I said it. It’s been a secret I have been keeping from everyone except my husband who daily has to listen to my endless comments and daily weight reports.

I could stand to lose about 30 pounds and I started to pursue that goal more strongly before Christmas.

Funny thing is I lost all the baby weight in a matter of 6-8 weeks. I’m just left with the fat I started with before I became pregnant.

In fact, this fat has been with me so long, it is mentioned as a beneficiary in my will. What can I say, we’ve become like family.

But now, it’s time to go. Time to cut these family ties and get rid of what I don’t need. So my goal is more than just losing pounds, what I want more than anything is to take up less space. That and be able to run farther than 60 feet without needing supplemental oxygen.

Though I know the holidays are the worse time to start a diet, I didn’t want to wait any longer. I used to be very fit and trim, but that was too long ago. I am so determined to get back there.

Starting at the top, I would describe myself as having a chin like Winston Churchill, triceps that with the right tail wind could cause me to take flight, a stomach that hasn’t allowed me to tuck in my shirt since before I became pregnant, a butt that should have a Caution “Wide Load” sign on it, and saddle bags that are so large, they rival any found on a Shriner’s motorcycle.

I try and exercise at least 4-5 times a week alternating strength training with cardio, though time to do the cardio often gets cut short due to me letting other things eat away at my exercise time like time does in the Steven King movie the Langoliers.

On a positive note, over the holidays I didn’t gain any weight! I didn’t lose any either, but more importantly I didn’t gain like most people do. I was so proud of myself and it gave me the motivation to keep moving. Though I did threaten to turn the scale into a bottle cap if it showed a higher number than last time.

Gee, I hope my scale hasn’t been lying to me out of fear all this time.

At this time I have lost 14 pounds. Not a speed record, but I know since you put weight on a pound at a time, the best way to lose it is a pound at a time. Though I do believe I can gain twice as fast as I can lose it and with a lot less effort.

The problem is my pants aren’t really feeling as loose as I think they should with that amount of weight loss. So where is the weight that’s coming off coming from?

It can’t be all from my chest can it? I know women tend to lose it there first, but was there that much sitting up there? I don’t buy it. If that was the case I think I would be an “A” cup now!

I have lost a little around my waist and had to take an ice pick to punch another hole in my belt. I’m too cheap to buy another one at this point in my weight loss. Same with my pants. I don’t want to buy any smaller clothes till I start getting clown pants comments from my husband.

My shoes feel a little looser, but I doubt my feet were considered fat. My shirt sleeves are a little looser as well, but I could still take flight if I could keep a good rhythm.

My husband swears my butt & thighs look smaller, but my pants tell me otherwise. My pants aren’t as wise as my husband.

My chin? Nope, still two of them.

So where did all that weight fall off from? I just don’t know.
Two truths remain evident.

First truth, if you want to know if you’re fat, then remove all your clothes and stand in front of a full length mirror. Jump up and down a few times and when you stop, whatever is still moving is fat.
Second truth, you know you were really overweight when you lose 14 pounds and no one else notices.
Ouch! That hurts.

~What I'm using to Help Me Lose Weight - Yummy Milkshakes

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