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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shovelin’ It In Like a Bulldozer

That’s how I would describe my moment of weakness where I shoved some (OK, a lot) of leftover cake in my mouth this morning. Inhaling it is more like it.

Why am I doing this? I asked myself while I was tearing through it like a hungry lion.

I never did hear the answer.

But why do we eat like that sometimes? Maybe I do it because of stress, maybe it’s hormones causing it, maybe I just love the taste of cake, I don’t know. I just don’t understand the triggers. If I knew what the triggers were, then maybe I could head off the binges before they start.

A short time later that delicious cake was sitting at the bottom of my stomach causing quite a stir with the rest of my digestive system. It felt like a pile of bricks. Ugh.

I wanted to throw up afterwards. I even briefly thought of making myself throw up in an effort to feel better, but I’m glad I didn’t go down that slippery slope.

Bulimia can become such an easy trap to fall in. Eat what you love, however much you want and then make yourself get sick later to keep the weight off. Starts off innocently enough that later turns into a full blown disorder, causing major health problems and untold psychological problems.

A little overeating of cake was not worth that.

Thank you God. Like a good parent, You intervened and convinced me that doing that wasn’t the right thing to do.

Guess I better get off of the computer and onto the stationary bike. Maybe a little sweat and sore muscles will help me remember not to fall face first into the cake pan the next time.

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