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Friday, February 4, 2011

Sick Kids Still Know How to Have Fun

Being stuck in the house with a sick toddler can be so much fun.

Listening to kids shows theme songs is really cruel and unusual punishment for a sleep deprived mom.

Kids though always seem to find ways to still be kids.

Though my 2 year old is sick, he was able to still enjoy a short stint of destructiveness. Nothing like making a mess to take your mind off of your upset tummy.

My toddler, finding the de-icing salt we use on the outside steps, that my husband conveniently left by the door, and sprinkling it on the carpet was certainly the highlight of his day. Seeing it being ground into the hardwood floor was mine.

Compared to the diarrhea mess I’ve been cleaning up lately however, I was grateful that only the vacuum was required. Though I’m sure vacuuming up rock salt is not on the vacuum manufacturer’s approved list of debris.

At least it didn’t require the use of a whole roll of paper towels.

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