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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Was it a Stroke?

Though many people may be making fun of that reporter at the Grammy's who experienced a possible mini stroke on camera, let's use it as a lesson to learn more about the danger signs of a stroke and educate ourselves.

A stroke is a very serious condition and unfortunately is happening more and more to younger people.

Mini strokes, even though no lasting damage may occur are a definite warning sign and are to be taken very seriously.

I do hope Serene Branson seeks further treatment because even though she may appear fine today, that little episode could be a warning sign that something more severe could happen in the near future.

If you or someone you know ever experiences something like this, please take it very seriously and go to the hospital.

Remember, ultimately the only person responsible for your health is you. Not your doctor, not your spouse, you.

There are people who need you and the evidence of that is you are here and here for a reason. Don’t cheat them out of you.

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