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Friday, March 18, 2011

ALERT! a Stolen 95 green dodge caravan with 4 year old inside! KY license 471-CYD
This van was stolen at a gas station when the dad left his child unattended to go inside and pay.
Suspects are described as white male wearing black UK style jacket white woman in tan hoodie. Left KY over Clay Way Bailey bridge into Ohio.
Prayers this boy is returned safely to his naive father.

Never, never leave your kid inside a car especially with keys in it!
Still, a moment of ignorance does not deserve losing your child. So scary.
Even when I pay at the pump, I take they keys with me. I don't want someone jumping in on the other side while I'm pumping the gas and take off. That and I don't want to accidently lock the keys in the car.

God, I pray that you watch over this child. Please convince these thieves to return the child safely. Please comfort his parents in this time of great fear. In Jesus' name we pray.

UPDATE: The child has been found safe at a firestation and the suspects in custody. Thank you God!

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