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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Deal Alert: Whole Chicken on Sale for .88 a Pound

Main Street Markets (formally Marsh's) is having a sale that ends today on Perdue whole chickens for only $.88 a pound!
Perdue makes organic chicken which I prefer over non-organic because their hens are not fed any artificial ingredients, given hormones, etc. If you knew what is given to non-organic chickens you would never eat it.

This sale is a great deal.
I bought a couple of five pounders and got enough chicken to make several meals.
Even though this store has a little higher prices than your bigger chains, they often have great deals on chicken, so watch their ads which run from Thursdays through Wednesdays.
I cook my chickens up with a little seasoning at a low temperature of 350 degrees for a couple of hours till temperatures reach 180 degrees on a meat thermometer. I lightly cover the bird with foil till that last 30 minutes or so. Then I take the foil off to brown.
I keep the skin on till I'm ready to cut the meat off. This helps keep the juices in and cooking at a lower temperatures assures that your meat will be juicy.
I slice the breast meat off wrap and freeze.
Then I pick the rest of the meat off in pieces, separate the white from the dark.
Then I put the amounts I normally use in my dishes into small ziploc bags, then I put the several small bags into a large freezer bag. Mark and date it.
Then when I need to add chicken to a dish I'm making all I have to do is pull out a premeasured, pre-cooked amount of chicken, defrost and add to the meal.
Plus I get loads of chicken juice to make homemade gravy that is so mouthwatering, you can't get enough.
If you think that the dark meat won't be used because many people don't like dark meat, try making chicken salad with it. You can't tell the difference in the taste at all. A bowl of chicken salad around here doesn't even last a day.
It makes meals so much simpler and faster when you already have the meat cooked and buying it on sale in larger quantity saves you lots of money.
Nothing could be better than saving money and saving time all at once!

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