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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Will Vacuum Up Anything (except money)

I no longer stoop to pick up anything before vacuuming now unless I'm certain it won't fit in the hose and only after finding out it won't fit by trying to cram it down the hose.
Crayons, small toy pieces, scraps of note paper (of course with phone numbers on it), you name it, gets sucked up and tossed out.
My only exception is money. I will bend over for that. I then find myself saying out loud, "Gee, thanks for the tip." Yes, I even pick up pennies. Pennies do ad up and I value all money, even pennies.
I love the bagless vacuums  now so I can see what I'm throwing out and my son has learned to pick up his toys with only one request from me when I pull out the vacuum. He knows if he wants to keep them, he better get them off the floor.
I need a bigger hose attachment now. One that will suck up shoes, books and car parts left lying around.
This is just another sign I have become my mother.


  1. get a big shop vac then you can suck up everything even the kids

  2. The news will be a relief for those who suffer from asthma or other allergies which are made worse by the tiny airborne particles in household dust.

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