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Friday, March 4, 2011

Is That God?

A comment my newly 3 year old asks often while pointing at a picture of most anything.

When he asks me where God is, my answer of everywhere does little to satisfy his curiosity. I try to explain as simply as possible that though you can’t see God, He is always there. I go on to say He can see you, you just can’t see Him. And you can talk to him and his son, Jesus anytime, not just during bedtime prayers.

I think that answer, that God is everywhere and sees everything you do, may seem a little creepy to a kid, but I am at a lost to explain in toddler terms of who God is and how to explain where He is.

How do I explain God’s presence without making it sound like God is always watching him like Big Brother just waiting to catch him doing something wrong?

How do I teach my son about God’s love for him without it sounding like he’s being stalked?

I love the fact that my son is becoming curious about God and just doesn’t go through the motions of praying at meals and bedtimes. My son wants to know God.

I just want to make sure I make learning about God fun, exciting and it makes my son feel even more loved than he does now. I want to create that feeling of wanting to know God a lifelong passion.

I must ask God to guide me in guiding my son to Him.

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