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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Latest Deals

Here are the latest deals I've come across that are not area specific.

· Earn Free Rewards When You Register and Use Your Starbucks Card – Now I don’t drink coffee and I would have a hard time spending that much money if I did, but for those of you who can’t live without your Starbucks – check out this offer.

· Come to CafeMom to relax and take a break with other moms. Conversation, advice, and games are just a click away. Check it out! - This is a new moms board to meet up with other moms to talk, vent, share, you name it.

Got to love these free coupons offers!

· Sign up for $5 in coupons, special offers, promotions & more from Kellogg's! Click Here - There is probably a Kelloggs product in your cabinet somewhere, so might as well sign up for free coupons and stuff.

· Save on Groceries at Coupons.com! Click Here - I love
Coupons.com and I get many of the coupons I use from there.

· Restaurants, Salons and Events up to 90% off! Find deals in your city. Click Here - This is a must check out site everyday for huge deals on places in your area!

· Save at CoolSavings with grocery coupons, free stuff offers, discount codes, tips and more! Click Here - Another good coupon printing place.

· Get Up to 25% Cash Back at Over 1200 Stores � Sign-up Free at Ebates.com!
Click Here - This is a great program that gives you money back when you go online shopping.

· Join FreeFlys and get Free Samples of NAME-BRAND PRODUCTS! Click Here - Who doesn’t love free samples? And these are for name brand items!

· $25 Dining Certificate for up to 80% off! Click Here - Eat out any? Then you will want to check this place out first. Great way to save on gifts, too!

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