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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Drag Racers: Check Out American Nitro

We love this movie.
In fact my 3 year old son loves this movie so much he begs to watch it everyday! He even loves to watch it more than his other favorite movie, Disney's Cars .
This video has some great footage of old dragsters and funny cars, along with interviews of the then young Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen. There is some great footage of Jungle Jim, Tommy Ivo and more! It really is spectacular!
If you love nostalgia drag racing then you will love the DVD American Nitro.
Visit www.AmericanNitro.com  to see a sample of the video and to order your copy today.
I have to share this story of what happened when my 3 year old son couldn’t wait to watch it one day.
He was begging to watch his “Funny Car” movie as he calls it. I was working and his Dad said he would be in to put the movie in just a couple minutes – that wasn’t fast enough.
So my son decided to do it himself.
When my husband went to put it in the DVD player, he noticed the case was empty. When he asked our son where it was, he pointed to the DVD player saying he already put it in.
My husband shrugged, hit “play” and then heard this awful racket. When he opened the DVD player he found that the DVD was broken. Taking it out he asked our son what happened.
In his eagerness to watch it, he had snapped the DVD while pulling it from its case. He asked us to fix it. When he was told it could not be fixed he began to cry so hard and was so depressed as if you had just killed his dog.
He begged for us to try and ended up sobbing on the couch when we showed him we couldn’t. It was so heartbreaking to watch.
I knew what I had to do, so I ordered him a new DVD and told the company of the plight of our son. I thought they would enjoy hearing about their biggest “Little Fan”. Bill at American Nitro was so touched, he is sending our son a really neat T-shirt to wear while he watches his favorite movie.
So thanks Bill!
You do not want to miss this movie. So visit www.AmericanNitro.com to order your copy today!

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