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Friday, April 15, 2011

Go Easy on the Perfume Ladies

I was at the grocery and more than once was almost knocked down by someone’s overly strong perfume.
Perfume can smell nice on someone, but only if it’s subtle. When it’s put on with a 5 gallon sprayer, it can really make your head spin though.
What I think many women (& some men) don’t understand that even the nicest smelling perfume can smell worse than a skunk if applied too heavily – and repel people just as fast!
I also think there are places where you should not wear any perfume at all. Such as:
·         The work place. Many of your co-workers and customers may be allergic or at the very least given a headache by your perfume. Plus, what you think may smell good, someone else may not. If you think it’s rude if a co-worker cooks fish in the shared microwave in the lunchroom or brings the worst smelling foreign dish for lunch everyday, then chances are they will think the same about your perfume. Using a lightly scented shampoo or a very lightly scented body wash may be OK, but do not wear perfume to work. It may even subconsciously affect how your boss views your performance. The sense of smell can be a very powerful attraction and also a deterrent. You want to be noticed at work, but not for the wrong reasons.

·         To the store. Why are you wearing perfume to the grocery store? If you are hoping to meet your soul mate there, he may just end up running to the medicine aisle to rip open a box with an inhaler in it to combat the asthma attack your perfume just gave him.

·         The gym. Seriously, if you are trying to workout, but all you end up doing is gagging on someone else’s perfume, chances are your workout won’t go very well and you may end up saying something pretty rude to the girl on the treadmill next to you. And besides, perfume is for after showering, not in place of, so just stick to deodorant.

·         Your kid’s practice. Unless you plan on sitting alone on the bleachers, do the other parents a favor (and not embarrass your kid) don’t store the perfume bottle in the van next to the goldfish crackers. There is absolutely no reason to carry perfume in the car and apply it right before heading out to watch the kids play in 90 degree weather.

·         Pretty much any public place where you are not trying to impress a member of the opposite sex. And even then, make sure it’s just a hint of a scent. Trust me, I have learned that a man will find just a slight hint of a nice scent far more sexy than making his eyes water and throat close shut.
Here’s a general rule of thumb that my mother told me. If you can still smell it a few minutes after you put it on, it’s too strong. This is definitely a case where less is more.
And friends, it’s up to you to be the one to break it your girlfriend (or man) that they are putting on way too much or maybe that scent just isn’t working for them anymore. Trust me, you are being a true friend if you help them.
This may have been you today when my young son said, “Mommy, what’s that awful smell?” I said, “It’s just someone who put on way too much perfume, honey.” Don’t let that someone be you.

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