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Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Earth Day is such a special day for Shaklee. It's a day we can be proud to be affiliated with a company that celebrates Earth Day every day with our environmentally safe cleaning products, by helping others during natural disasters with our Shaklee Cares packs and
the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral™ certification and totally offset our CO2 emissions, resulting in a net zero impact on the environment.

Why poison yourself with toxic chemicals all in order to clean your home?
Studies on many of the ingredients commonly used in household products conclude that these chemicals can be unsafe and could have long term health consequences.

Children Are at Greater Risk for Chemical Exposures

Children are highly vulnerable to chemical toxins. They spend a good deal of time putting things in their mouths, so there’s always the potential for ingestion of chemical residues.
The implication here is that children will have substantially heavier exposures than adults to toxins in water, food, or air. And yet, so many of the popular and most trusted brands of household cleaners continue to include harsh chemicals in their formulations.

Children also have more time to develop chronic diseases triggered by early chemical exposures. Some diseases related to environmental toxins may require decades to develop, so exposure during childhood may increase the health risks later in life.
Some scientists also believe that maternal exposure to toxic chemicals during pregnancy can have developmental consequences for the fetus. Since growth is so rapid at this time, early toxic exposures may have a significant impact on further development.
Many common household cleaners and appliances give off fumes, which can potentially increase the risk of developing asthma in children; Inhalation, ingestion, skin, or eye exposure to glycol-ethers has been linked to irritation and potential tissue damage.
Butyl cellosolve is another potentially toxic chemical in the same glycol-ether family of chemicals, and it’s found in household cleaning products including all-purpose, abrasive, and glass cleaners. Ingesting large amounts of cleaning agents containing butyl cellosolve may cause breathing problems, low blood pressure, low hemoglobin levels, acidic blood, and blood in the urine.
Exposure to high levels of ammonia, found in glass cleaners, may be irritating to your skin, eyes, throat, and lungs, and can cause coughing and burns.
Drain cleaners and oven cleaners are some of the most hazardous products in our homes. They may contain lye or sodium hydroxide, which can cause severe corrosive damage to eyes, skin, mouth, and stomach if swallowed.
One of the most dangerous cleaning products, toilet bowl cleaners, may contain chlorine or hydrochloric acid. Even brief exposure to low levels of hydrochloric acid vapor can result in throat irritation. And high exposure can result in rapid breathing, narrowing of the bronchioles, blue coloring of the skin, accumulation of fluid in the lungs, and even death.
The list goes on and on. There have been links to many illnesses in both children and adults with household chemicals, from asthma to cancer and even death from ingestion of these chemicals.

You can read more of this information in Shaklee’s Health Hazards Associated With Household Cleaners

Why expose you and your children to these potentially harmful ingredients?

And then there’s the problem of polluting the environment and our drinking water with these dangerous chemicals. Did you know that household cleaners pollute the environment more than big industries?
There are better alternatives Like Shaklee’s Get Clean!
If you haven’t tried our powerful, but safe cleaners, now’s a perfect time – just in time for those spring cleaning chores! Spring cleaning can be hard work. Make your work a little easier and make breathing a little easier with Shaklee’s Get Clean household products.
From basic cleaning, to disinfecting to the really hard core, nasty dirty jobs we all tend to put off, Shaklee has a product that can tackle it. And we guarantee that Shaklee’s products work as well if not better than the store bought, toxic kind or we’ll give you your money back!
How’s that for satisfaction?
When it comes to pollution, you are either part of the problem or part of the solution.
What part do you want to play?
Visit our website to learn more on how to keep your family safe from household toxins and go easy on the Earth. Visit To Be Healthy

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