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Monday, April 4, 2011

Join Shaklee for FREE!

In honor of Earth Day coming up, Shaklee is offering their membership for FREE with a $30 purchase! So you save the $19.95!
Through May 20, 2011, when anyone new purchases at least $30 in Shaklee, the $19.95 Shaklee membership fee will be waived!

What is Shaklee you ask? Shaklee is only the number one nutritional company in the world with natural viatmins, herbs, cleaning supplies, beauty items and more!

Become a Shaklee Member and get a 15% discount on all products, all the time! Plus, as a Shaklee Member, you can receive special promotions, offers, and discounts for even more savings.

Don’t forget, you also have an unconditional money-back guarantee and you'll have exclusive access to our Shaklee Member Center where you can find extensive health and wellness information reviewed by the expert Shaklee Health Sciences team.

Ready to join?

What are you waiting for? There's never been a better time than now to get back into Shaklee and get back into health!

Click Here to join -  Join Shaklee

Click below for our online catalog -

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