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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ugh, Easter Grass!

Easter is over. The sugar highs have crashed, candy wrappers are all in the garbage, the baskets and eggs are put away till next year, but the dreaded Easter grass is still hanging around.
You bend over scraping up clumps off of the carpet, sweep up more off the kitchen floor, vacuum up even more when you can’t bear to bend down one more time only to get the strands stuck on the rotating brush. And then, just when you think you’ve got it all, you walk barefoot down the hall and end up stepping on more that gets caught in your toes.
You hop on one foot into the bathroom as you try and get it off. As your finally rip off what you hope is the last remaining strand you look down and see one strand behind the toilet.
How did it get there?? You sigh as you strain one more time to get it because you just can’t stand to look at one more strand of Easter grass.
You emerge from the bathroom confident you got it all only to enter the living room and find more all over the floor!
“What?? How did that all get here? I just picked it all up in here”, you holler out loud.
So now you attack it with the vacuum wand only to discover the true facts my mom stated long ago, “It does breed like rabbits and you will be picking up Easter grass till Christmas just like you find Christmas tinsel till Easter.”

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