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Friday, April 8, 2011

You Can Eliminate the Toxins In Your Home

Let's celebrate Earth Day coming up April 22 by eliminating the toxins in our homes first.
Did you know that the household cleaners that people use everyday pollute the environment more than big industry does?
There are toxic chemicals going down drains everyday and these chemicals have been shown to cause many, many serious health problems from asthma to cancer.
Why poison your family in the hope for a clean home when there are safer and more cost effective ways to get your home clean?
Shaklee makes wonderful, very concentrated cleaners that are non toxic and biodegradable.
So what are your plans for helping the Earth on her day? You can join the many groups out there planting trees, picking up garbage or any number of activities or you can start with just your little corner of the world by choosing not to poison it.
Celebrate Earth Day everyday with Shaklee.

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