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Friday, May 20, 2011

Appreciate Your Loved One Today

My husband has terrible back pain. He injured his back and it is causing him terrible pain. After a year of fighting with insurance, he finally has approval for surgery next month.
Through it all he has continued working his physically active job. I know there are some days he hurts so bad he can barely get out of bed. Yet he presses on.
So this morning I sent him a text message telling him how I appreciate how hard he works. Though I try and tell him everyday that I love him, I sometimes fail to tell him how much I appreciate him.
We all need to know we are appreciated for the work we do, the effort we put into our tasks and the hardships we sometimes face. Knowing someone loves us is very important, but knowing we are also appreciated can mean so much. Appreciation helps to keep us going when our spirit and body is tired.
Since you know how good it feels to be appreciated by someone else, why not show some appreciation for that special person in your life that does so much?
Think of what your loved one has been doing lately. It might be how hard your spouse works, or your child remembered to take out the garbage when it was full without being told to, or that good friend that always seems to be there when you need her.
It can be as simple as a text message or email, a note left in a lunch bag or left on the counter for them to find, or just telling them verbally in a quiet moment is all it takes to make them feel loved and appreciated.
When you bless someone else with your appreciation for them, you get a reward in return – a feeling of gratefulness and a feeling of being blessed for having some great people in your life.
Then everybody feels good.

Blessings to you today,


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  1. You're welcome. I had to re-read it as a reminder to myself. :)



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