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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

“Grace is not a prayer, but a way to live.”

Grace is such a sweet word. I picture a woman with grace as being beautiful in everything she does.
My mother was a woman with grace. She was very polished and seemed to handle every situation with such a level of grace that it earned her a great number of admirers. Though my mother was like this, I am not.
This leads me to wonder if grace is a God given talent or is it a trait that can be learned?
I think just like those with a talent for music, you are born with a certain amount of grace instilled in you. And just like anyone can learn to play music, I do believe a certain amount of grace can be learned if someone is willing to put forth the effort required to learn something that may come easier to others.
It may also be possible that grace is something that is taught at such an early age that it appears that it was a talent a person was naturally born with.
So, what is a person like me who wasn’t born with a significant amount of grace and whose mother passed away before she was able to instill any grace lesson plan onto me to do?
One way may be to seek out a woman with grace and observe her mannerisms. How does she handle certain situations with ease and is there a secret to her grace? If I were to ask what her secret to handling everything with grace was, I wonder what she would tell me.
Some women would simply smile and politely thank me for my kind remark and have no earthly idea why she behaves the way she does. Those would be the ones with the natural born talent.
Another, perhaps older woman with grace would smile and say, “My dear, if you want grace, you must first ask God for His grace. Then live the way He intended. Love one another, help others when you can and to forgive when it’s needed. That is living with grace.”
She might continue by saying, “You must practice being graceful in everything you do. Picture yourself being the person you want to be in every situation and practice, practice, practice.”
Just like any skill that is learned, I must study those who have already mastered the skill and practice the methods they use till I am good at them.
Even if I never master the skill of being graceful in every situation, I know the mere fact of trying to improve myself in that area will allow me to achieve a certain level of gracefulness I didn’t have before.
Though I may never achieve the level of grace my mother had, I like the idea of trying and to even be a little like her would be well worth the effort.
If you long to be a woman of grace, I wish you well in your efforts and if you are already a woman of grace, please share some of your secrets with us!
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