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Friday, February 10, 2012

February Newsletter

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In this issue:
“I used to have it! Where did it go?”
Have you ever set a goal to improve yourself both physically and mentally... only to find that you're slumped in a valley of fatigue? 
You've lost it! You've lost your energy!

So... what causes fatigue? And more importantly, how can we banish it forever and regain the energy we used to have... 

Also... Symptoms of fatigue... 

Fatigue... What causes it? What you can do about it!
Fatigue is the most frequent reason people seek medical help. Around 20% of Americans claim to have fatigue intense enough to interfere with their efforts to live a normal life.  
Are you tired just because you're getting older? Most holistic health practitioners don't think so. Most chronic exhaustion is caused by... 
Find out the nine major reasons for fatigue and how you can combat them.

Plus... Where are you on the energy scale?

Energy & Vivix...
A new study on resveratrol, just published in Cell Metabolism, demonstrates that Vivix can have a major impact on your energy level. Dr. Jamie McManus reports...

Find out more about fatigue, energy and how Shaklee can help on this page...

As well as... Wow! Amazing new resveratrol study results...

Also featuring…

Can hand-washing dishes harm your health?
The toxins found in everyday household cleaners, such as dish soap, can be harmful to your health. These chemical toxins can cause a plethora of health complications...

So... why worry about the simple chore of hand-washing your dishes? Find out if your dish liquid is harming your health in this article...

Plus... Get Clean Dish Wash Liquid is so-o-o-o powerful!

To read about these important subjects in this edition click here > February Newsletter

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To learn more about...
  •  health, nutrition and fitness
  •  cleaning products that are safe for you and for our planet
  •  natural skin, personal and beauty care
  •  water filtration
  •  how you can work part-time for a full-time income... from the comfort of your home
...just email me at youtobehealthy@yahoo.com and we can send you free information.

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