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Friday, February 10, 2012

January Newsletter

Yes, we are a little behind. OK, that may be a bit of an understatement, but we finally have our online newsletter.

If you want to sign up for our free newsletter to be sent to your email, just send us your email to youtobehealthy@yahoo.com and ask to be put our list.

So here is the first of our E-Newsletters!

Click here to read the January E-Newsletter online > January E-Newsletter

In this issue:

The “cleaning” job you can’t ignore...

Gentle detoxifying the Shaklee way...

Winter skin? Soothe it with…

Click here to read the January E-Newsletter online > January E-Newsletter

Once you've read these articles, it’s easy to order the featured products! Just visit our website To Be Healthy or email us at youtobehealthy@yahoo.com

You can learn more about...  
  • health, nutrition and fitness
  • cleaning products that are safe for you and for our planet
  • natural skin, personal and beauty care
  • water filtration
  • how you can work part-time for a full-time income... from the comfort of your home
...just email me at youtobehealthy@yahoo.com and we would be happy to send you more information.

Best wishes for good health,


P.S. If you know anyone who would benefit by receiving our Newsletters, just have them send us their email address to youtobehealthy@yahoo.com and we will make sure they get their FREE COPY each month. 

Note: This is not a spam but a service to Shaklee friends and family. To remove your name, simply reply to this email and type REMOVE in the subject line.

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