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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hope for the Weary Mom

If you ever feel like a weary mom sometimes, then I recommend checking out hopeforthewearymom.com and MOB Society(Mothers of Boys) at themobsociety.com or MOD Squad(Mothers of Daughters) at modsquadblog.com. 

There is some great stuff there, showing real moms and offering wonderful insight and advice. 

I have found them to be of great help whenever I was weary, felt lost or like I have screwed up royally at being a mom to a very active boy who I know is already smarter than me. 

Hope for the Weary Mom is a free ebook that has insight and examples you would swear was from your own living room! 

Check them out, read the free ebook and then if you want, share with us how it has helped you!

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