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If you are NOT like the person mentioned above and you want to come hang out with someone who isn’t a Supermom either, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why do they call them “Thunderthighs”?
That would imply that there is enough space between my thighs for air and sound waves to travel through, which is clearly not the case.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I don’t have time to read much anymore. Whenever I am in the mood for some fiction, I just turn on the evening news and listen to the weather forecast.

The Ring in the Tub

There is something really great about having a ring in the bathtub. Knowing that I’m going to be on my hands and knees scrubbing isn’t what I’m talking about. It’s what left the ring there that makes me smile.

The dirt and grime comes from a little boy playing with dump trucks in the sandbox, making mud pies and traveling a hundred miles racing toy cars on knees that stick out through holes in his jeans.

My son, like all boys, attracts dirt like a magnet and his day is filled with new and exciting ways to add a pound or more of dirt to every square inch of his body.

Bath time allows me to scrub away the fun he had that day of being rough and tumble and bring forth the sweet smelling innocence of youth. Bath time is a special time where we relax and slow down and talk about our day.

Even though he is growing right before my eyes, I can’t help but travel back in time in my mind to a tiny infant getting his first few baths. I have gone from the time where my gentle hands and a few drops of baby wash was all that was needed to me now contemplating getting a wire brush to get all that ground in dirt off of those knees.

As the water drains, what is left is a dark ring on the sides and a trail of sediment in the bottom. What went in as a screaming, filthy banshee, now comes out a clean, dripping wet, smiling little boy proudly showing off his wrinkly fingers.

As I wrap him in a towel, I drink in the sweet smell of freshly shampooed hair. It is one of the sweetest smells to a mom of a boy. Then I notice his ears with enough dirt still in them to grow potatoes.

Before I can even come close to those dirty ears, he breaks away in a damp, giggly dash to his room. He of course delights in me chasing him declaring that I’m going to beat him there this time.

As he dresses himself in his jammies, I admire his strong, muscular young physique. I wish had muscle tone like that! I watch with a smile as he gets dressed so fast. I remember with a tinge of sadness at the time going by so quickly and think back to when he was just learning to pull a shirt over his head.

My reminiscing is interrupted when I laugh at the funny sight of him running out of the room still struggling at pulling up his pants because he’s still damp from his bath. He can’t wait to have his little snack and snuggle on the couch with his dad and me as part of our nighttime routine. Oh how I wish I could just freeze this moment and be able to pull it out whenever I needed to.

A short time later I try and understand him when he talks as he attempts to tell me something important about his day while trying to brush his teeth at the same time. I think I got it all. 

The bathroom is left in haste with a towel on the floor, toothpaste smeared on the sink and white spots splattered across the mirror. All the tell tale signs a little boy had been there.

He skips down the hall to his room where he heads straight to his books. I sigh as he brings me the same book we’ve read a thousand times. My attempt to convince him to pick another book for a change does nothing to change his one track mind. When he gets stuck on a book, it is all that will do till he gets hooked onto another book. I try and tell myself it’s OK, for when he’s grown up and gone I will long to re-read these little stories I’m sure.

As I sit down and open the worn book with tattered edges and scotch tape on the torn pages I notice the troubles and stresses of the day melt away as this little body crawls into my lap and snuggles in. My heart starts to get filled up again with love and peacefulness that the drain of life as a grown up can suck out of you.

I can’t help but notice all the little bruises on his legs look like blueberry stains. I notice the scrapes on his knobby knees and how the light from the lamp catches the highlights in his hair. All these little things I find beautiful and how grateful I am to have this little miracle sitting in my lap.

After we finish reading he promptly kneels next to his bed for nightly prayers. I’m certain God smiles when he hears that sweet little voice pray, thanking Him for his toys and dog and asking Him to bless those he loves.

My son then catapults himself into bed like he jumped from a springboard. After a few feeble attempts at stalling in the hopes of extending his bedtime he tells me the song he would like for me to sing. I sing a favorite lullaby as I rub his back.

I love the feel of his little arms around my neck squeezing me tightly as I kiss him and whisper the words, “I love you” in his little ear. Then as I straighten up and turn to leave, a sleepy little voice says the most wonderful words a mom can hear, “Goodnight Mama. I love you.” I can feel my jaded and hardened adult heart melt into a warm, gooey liquid as I say, “I love you too, honey. Goodnight.”

I walk to the bathroom to begin the scrub down with a warm satisfaction of knowing that my greatest treasure comes in a small package with sparkling eyes, a crooked smile, skinned knees, blueberry bruises on his shins and who leaves a ring in my tub every night.

And I am grateful.


~For more information on Children’s Health please visit our website To Be Healthy – Children’s Health to find quality products for the health of your children and everyone in your household.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How is it that boys and men can write their name in the snow (if you know what I mean), but can't seem to hit a large bowl of water?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Everyone

We wish you and your families a safe and happy Memorial Day.

As we enjoy this official start of summer, I am reminded of the real reason we celebrate this day.

Let us take a moment as we sit down to our picnics and grill outs and say a prayer of thanks for all those who gave their lives in service to us and our country. Let us also say a prayer for those who are still giving their all.

I also say a prayer for all the husbands and wives, mothers and fathers and other family members who are missing and worrying constantly about their loved ones. I can’t imagine how sad and hard holidays must be for those families who have lost their loved one. It must be hard on all of them to see families gathered together when their family is incomplete.

I was reminded of how these soldiers are currently facing today’s horrors of this ugly war the other day. I was at the racetrack when a young couple came in wanting to take some engagement pictures on the starting line. I am assuming they met there and wanted to take some cool photos.

This young man is going over to Afghanistan soon and it broke my heart to look at his innocent young face. As a mother I couldn’t help but look at him as a mama and worry. I thought of his own mother and how she probably wishes she could put her arms around him and protect him like when he was a baby.  I didn’t even know this young man and wanted to do the same. That protective mama instinct sure is strong.

Later, I fought back a tear as they drove away in happy bliss, but with a dark cloud of the unknowing following right behind them. I said a silent prayer for his safety and that he will return home to his future bride soon.

A friend commented to me that if he does come back, he will different. He will be forever changed from what he experiences.

This makes me angry at this stupid war and angry at the politicians who let it go on. I know nothing is simple, but I also know this war is not in our best interest and too many young men and women have died because of it. I pray it ends soon.

But most of all I pray for this one young man an all the others a safe and speedy return home to the ones who truly love them and miss them.

I remember all those who gave all and pray for those willing to give all for us and I say thank you.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rainbow Shaving Cream Bath Paint

Jill from Meet the Dubiens has a cute and fun bath time activity. 
Instead of buying bath paint, make your own with shaving cream and a couple drops of food coloring.
Mix in a muffin pan or individual plastic containers, give them a paintbrush and let them create their masterpieces!
You can check her story out here: Rainbow Shaving Cream Bath Paint


~For information on Children’s Health please visit our website To Be Healthy – Children’s Health to find quality products for the health of your children and everyone in your household.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Success Story: New Sr. Executive Coordinator Tonya Mann

Tonya Mann
Congratulations to Tonya Mann, new FastTRACK Executive Coordinator and now Senior Executive Coordinator! Since coming to Shaklee in February 2011, she’s earned four trips, including the Fall 2011 New Directors Conference, the Dream 2011 Incentive Trip to Atlantis, the Dream 2012 Incentive Trip to the Mayan Rivera, and the Top Achievers International Trip to Kenya, as well as $34,000 in FastTRACK bonuses and a Dream Car bonus! Check out her story and some of her tips for FastTRACK success!

I was a therapist for 15 years working with children and elderly clients who had all types of challenges from mild learning disabilities to terminal illness. After my second child was born with structural breathing issues that involved back and forth trips to specialists and many surgeries, I decided I needed to become a stay at home mom.
But I missed working with people, so my friend introduced me to a networking marketing opportunity that I could do on my own time, from my own home and still focus on my family.
The first time I learned about Shaklee was at a local health fair and I fell in love with the cleaning products. When I arrived at Shaklee, Jennifer Glacken (Senior Master Coordinator, IL) was my first contact and she had me at ‘Hello’ with her product knowledge and what she had achieved.

After listening to Roger Barnett’s story and why he bought the company I was ready to sign up. The Dream Plan with its team-based focus became icing on the cake for me.

Shaklee felt like coming home after you have been away on a trip. I knew I was with the right company, the best products, and the hardest working corporate staff I have ever met. 

Shaklee cleaning products and supplements have truly impacted our family in so many healthy ways. We are Shaklee lifers! And the additional income has helped us pay off credit cards, make extra payments on our mortgage and make donations to some wonderful causes.
The biggest success for me, in Shaklee, is that we have had the ability to share Shaklee with those we care about. We’re helping our team get healthier and earn additional income to benefit their families.
To watch those you introduce Shaklee fall in love with the products for the first time and see how the products impact their family members in such a positive way is very rewarding.
There are so many that have been an integral part of our success with Shaklee. I’m thankful for Roger Barnett and his leadership.  I’m also very grateful to Bo Short (Master Coordinator, VA) my mentor, and Jennifer Glacken, our amazing upline support and product guru. And the members of the Home Office Team, including Marcie Johnson, Joe Torres, Kristen Cunningham and Juan Cuevas, have worked tirelessly for our team.

Most importantly, I am grateful for my children Kiley and Morgan, whose patience and encouragement always amaze me.

Tonya’s Tips for Success:
·         Make a list of those you want to contact and write down your goals. I think when you write down what you want to accomplish or who you want to contact it becomes real and makes you accountable for your goals.
·         Take advantage of Shaklee University and other training sources to learn more about what Shaklee has to offer. Training helps you feel more confident about who you are and what you have to offer. It’s so important to know where you can find the answers and know that you don’t have to know everything!
·         Step out of your comfort zone at least once a day. That is where the success is. By stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things you may not normally do, you are building your confidence and comfort level in all areas of communication and building business relationships.

We find that those who use these tools are the people who are seeing the most success in Shaklee in their first 30-90 days.
~Do you want to achieve what Tonya has or are you a mom looking for a way to work at home? Then check out this video Moms Making a Difference. Then contact us and let us show you how you can achieve that: Click Here: Contact Us

Monday, May 21, 2012

May’s Helpful Product Tips

Below are some helpful tips. 

Some tips help you save money, some help you fix a problem and others help you get healthier and lose weight!

If you come across a new way to use a product or found a great recipe using one of our products, then please share!

Click on the links to read about:

Be sure to check out our health & wellness website: To Be Healthy

We are also accepting at this time a limited number of applications for business partners. If you are interested in owning your own business with very little start up costs, please contact us by filling out our no obligation Contact Form or email us at youtobehealthy@yahoo.com

We have 5 different entry levels available and will be happy to work with you at whatever level you choose.

Applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis and positions are limited. Visit our Member Center to learn more.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Profile: New Executive Coordinator Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson
Congratulations to new Executive Coordinator Lisa Anderson whose team sponsored 140 new Members during the month of April! Check out her inspiring story and how Shaklee enabled her to spend more time with her children and help her family make ends meet when faced with unexpected job loss.
I was introduced to Shaklee about twelve years ago.  I have four wonderful children and at the time they were all little and did not seem as healthy as I would have liked. I was looking for a good children’s vitamin that wasn’t full of sugar and that had some science and testing behind it. When we started our kids on Shaklee supplements we were just amazed at how our children responded and within a few months we knew that we had found the products that our family would be using for life.
I very quickly fell in love with Dr. Shaklee’s philosophies and the things that Shaklee as a company stood for. Prevention and a natural approach to health really made sense to me. Knowing that I was going to have to go back to work when my youngest went to school, I decided to look at having my own Shaklee business. What I really wanted to do was to be a full-time stay at home mom, but we needed for me to bring in some money and found that Shaklee was ideal. It allowed me to have all the time and flexibility I needed so I could put my children first, while still bringing in some income.
A few years ago my husband was laid off from his job right before Christmas. It was then that we took a closer look at our business and decided to see what we could really do with it. Within the next year we were able to double our business. We’re so very thankful that we had our Shaklee business when we needed it.
Since then we have now more than tripled our business and are expecting to promote to Senior Executive Cooridinator within the next month or so.  Last year I was able to take our youngest two daughters on the Dream 2011 trip to the Bahamas, and this year we will be taking the older two kids with us on the Dream 2012 trip to the Mayan Riviera. Needless to say we are having the time of our lives! We have a beautiful 2012 Ford Escape thanks to our Shaklee car bonus and just feel so fortunate to have found this amazing company!
What is so rewarding about our Shaklee business is that we’re touching so many lives every day.  We see families getting healthier because of the products we share and we see people in our organization developing strong, stable businesses that are providing for them financially -- now and for the future.
Want more information on building your own successful Shaklee business? Contact us today!

Check out our health & wellness blog - youtobehealthy.com

Our Shaklee Website: www.tobehealthy.myshaklee.com

Questions? Contact me and I will be happy to help! I am here to help you!

“Ignore Your Health & It Will Go Away!”


Friday, May 11, 2012

Ten Stress Strategies Every Mom Needs

Hearts At Home is a wonderful website for moms. It provides practical advice, encouragement, and a place where other moms can uplift each other.

"Hearts at Home’s mission is to encourage, educate, and equip every mom in every season of motherhood using Christian values to strengthen families."

Their Mother's Day gift to you – a free download of one of their most popular conference workshops, Ten Stress Strategies Every Mom Needs.

This is a wonderful thing to listen to. Take some time for yourself, put in a video for the kids to watch, plug in your headphones and listen. Do this for yourself and it will be something you and your whole family will benefit from.

Download and listen to Ten Stress Strategies Every Mom Needs and enjoy!

DHA for Smart Babies

Article By: Dr. Chaney
(See my personal notes below)
Every mom wants the best for their kids. Every mom would like to be able to give their kids an edge in life if they could.

According to a recent study there is one very simple thing that every mom can do to give her kids an edge.

A study published in the June 2009 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that when expectant mothers supplemented with DHA during pregnancy their infants had better problem solving skills at 9 months.

This was the very first study to look at the effect of DHA supplementation during pregnancy on problem solving skills at such a young age. Basically, the results of the study just mean that when the moms supplemented with DHA their kids were smarter - and were smarter at a very early age.

First, let me give you a little bit of background.

Docosahexaenoic acid or DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that occurs naturally in fish oils. It is found in particularly high concentrations in specific regions of the brain, including the cerebral cortex, synapses and retinal rod photoreceptors.

DHA consumption is especially important during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester when DHA accumulates in the fetal brain at a very high rate.

It is during that third trimester that the fetus forms the majority of brain cells that they will have for an entire lifetime.

In order to support brain development in the fetus, the recommended level of intake of DHA during pregnancy is 300 mg per day. Yet in the United States and Canada, DHA intake during pregnancy is only 10-15 mg/day,

Unfortunately, many food sources of omega-3 fatty acids in the American diet, even many omega-3 fortified foods and supplements, are primarily composed of the omega-3 fatty acid linolenic acid, and the conversion of linolenic acid to DHA is extremely limited.

Now let's look at the clinical study in more detail:

It was a double blind, placebo controlled study (the best kind of study) and was performed at the University of Connecticut.

The women were divided into two groups. The placebo group was consuming only 10-15 mg of DHA/day (normal for the American population). The other group received an additional 300 mg of DHA/day.

The women were given the placebo or DHA supplement starting at 24 weeks of gestation and continuing through delivery.

A two-step means-end problem-solving test was presented to all of the infants in their own homes at nine months of age to evaluate their ability to execute a series of steps to retrieve a toy. The steps involved pulling a covered toy within reach and uncovering the toy.

The University of Connecticut researchers found a statistically significant difference between the problem solving abilities of the two groups, with the infants whose mothers had consumed a DHA functional food during pregnancy faring better.

Michelle Judge, the scientist who conducted the study said: "Our finding of better problem-solving abilities in the group of infants whose mothers consumed a prenatal DHA supplement supports the idea that DHA plays an important role in the development of attention required for infant goal-directed behavior and suggests that DHA consumption during gestation is particularly important for infant cognitive development."

She went on to point out that: "These findings support previously published studies that have established links between prenatal DHA consumption and/or infant DHA consumption and improved attention and eye-hand coordination in toddlers and higher IQ later in childhood."

Of course, I always recommend a holistic approach to health. DHA alone won't substitute for good diet, avoiding potentially toxic substances and a holistic approach to prenatal supplementation.

However, if you are looking for that one additional gift that you could give your baby, DHA appears to be it.

About the Author

Dr. Chaney has a BS in Chemistry from Duke University and a PhD in Biochemistry from UCLA. He currently holds the rank of Professor at a major university where runs an active cancer research program and has published over 100 scientific articles and reviews in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
My personal note:
While I was pregnant I took Shaklee’s DHA product OmegaGuard along with their pre-natal comparison, Vita-Lea and had no ill effects.
I felt safe taking it since it was pharmaceutical grade and had been through their rigid multi-step distillation process to remove contaminants.
I like fish, but not the right kinds of fish that have the beneficial DHA and EPA like salmon, sardines, etc. I like whitefish cod like most people do.
I also was afraid of eating too much contaminated fish that had lead and mercury in them, for obvious reasons. That’s why I took Shaklee’s vitamins.
I think supplementing with OmegaGuard and the fact my son gets a DHA supplement, Mighty Smart in addition to his multivitamin, Incredivites is a contributing factor to his quick learning and sharp thinking.

Additional Resources to Help You
Shaklee’s OmegaGuard delivers a full spectrum of ultra-pure, pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 fatty acids to support healthy heart, joint and brain function*. It is made with a proprietary multistep molecular distillation process for the utmost purity and potency of omega-3s fatty acids, including EPA and DHA.


Always Safe
✔ Made with a proprietary multistep molecular distillation process that helps remove lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, dioxins, PCBs, and other contaminants
✔ No artificial colors, flavors, or preser­vatives
✔ Gluten free
Always Works
✔ Based on over 4,500 research studies showing health effects of omega-3 fatty acids
✔ Delivers all seven omega-3 fatty acids, including EPA and DHA
Always Green
✔ The fish oil in OmegaGuard is certified by Friend of the Sea, an international conservation organization, under strict criteria for sustainability, including full traceability in every phase of the process.
✔ Recyclable packaging with soy- -based ink and no bisphenol-A

To learn more about OmegaGuard, click the link or contact us today.

Want to keep on the latest in health & wellness and more?

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Questions? Contact me and I will be happy to help! I am here to help you!

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Can What We Eat Affect Our Kids?

Article By: Dr. Stephen Chaney  

(This is an interesting study on what a mother eats during pregnancy and how it can affect what her offspring eat later in life. See my notes following this interesting article.)

When I was a young graduate student (just a few years ago), I was taught that all genetic information resided in our DNA.

During conception, we picked up some DNA from our dad & some from our mom, and that DNA was what made us a unique individual.

We knew that environmental influences could affect our health personally, but never dreamed that the effects of those environmental influences could be passed on to our kids.

But today we know that environmental influences can actually modify our DNA and that those modifications can be passed on to our offspring - a process called epigenetics.

Which brings me to the question I posed today: "Can what we eat affect our kids?"

According to two articles that appeared in The FASEB Journal, the answer just might be yes!

Previous clinical studies had shown when mothers consumed high-fat, high-sugar diets during pregnancy, their children were more likely to have a preference for high-fat, high-sugar foods - which would likely predispose them to obesity latter in life.

But with humans, it is really difficult to sort out how much of that effect was caused by what the mom ate during pregnancy and how much was caused by how the family ate as the kids were growing up.

So both of these studies were done in rodents. In the first study (Ong & Muhlhausler, FASB J, 25: 2167-2179, 2011) female rats were maintain on either standard rat chow or a "junk-food diet" high in fat and sugar during pregnancy and lactation. The weanling rats were then separated from their moms and exposed to a variety of foods and allowed to choose what they wanted to eat.

Both the male and female offspring of the "junk-food" moms showed a marked preference for high fat foods.

They also showed alterations in hormones of the opiod and dopaminergic central reward pathways that may have been pre-conditioned them to require higher intakes a fat to experience pleasure from eating.

In the second study (Jousse et al, FASEB J, doi: 10,1096/fj.11-181792) female mice were maintained on either standard mice chow or a low-protein diet during pregnancy and lactation.

In this case the offspring of the low-protein fed moms had a lower body weight and less adiposity throughout their life.

But what made this study particularly significant was that the investigators were able to show that the low- protein diet in the moms resulted in a specific modification in the DNA of the leptin gene in their offspring.

This DNA modification led to a greater expression of leptin following a meal in those offspring compared to the offspring of the moms who consumed regular mice chow during pregnancy & lactation - which makes sense because leptin inhibits appetite.

Thus, this study not only shows that the diet of the moms influenced the eating behavior and body composition of their offspring, but that this change in eating behavior was caused by a permanent modification of their DNA.

So what is the bottom line for you?

In the first place, the science of epigenetics is relatively new and these particular studies were done in rodents, not in humans. It will be many years before we will be able to make specific recommendations as to what your diet should be like during pregnancy and lactation if you wish to make beneficial modifications to your baby's DNA.

In particular, I certainly do not mean to suggest that a low protein diet would be beneficial during pregnancy & lactation. No responsible nutrition expert would make that recommendation.

However, I did want to make you aware that what you eat during pregnancy & lactation may influence the health of your children - not just at the time of their birth - but throughout their life, and that a "junk-food" diet just may not be your best choice.

This is a new paradigm. Most prenatal nutrition advice is currently based on what it takes to have a healthy baby - not on what it might take for your child to experience better health throughout their life.

What about your diet before conception - and what about guys?

Those studies have yet to be done, but I would not be surprised if we find out that what we eat affects our DNA as well.

So, a good diet prior to conception is likely to be important too. And since both men and women contribute DNA to our children this advice may apply to all of us.

My notes:

Yes, these studies were done in mice, but many studies are, as mice tend to have the same issues we have and their bodies respond in similar ways. Scientists do take these studies with mice very seriously.

We all know that once our children are here, their diet is very important. It just makes sense that at the same time what the mother eats, her unborn baby eats.

Therefore, no matter what the mother eats while pregnant, either junk food or healthy food, then the baby once born, will be more apt to eat what he/she has been eating for the past nine months.

I attribute my son’s love of many different types of food to not only being exposed to them now, but also while I was pregnant and later nursing. For the first nine months and after, he ate what I ate.

It’s something to think about.

Supplementing becomes very important especially during pregnancy if the mother’s diet is anything short of near perfect. Getting the right nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right time is crucial not only for the mother’s body to be healthy, but for the child’s as well.

Wishing you the best of health,


Additional Resources to Help You

About the Author

Dr. Chaney has a BS in Chemistry from Duke University and a PhD in Biochemistry from UCLA. He currently holds the rank of Professor at a major university where runs an active cancer research program and has published over 100 scientific articles and reviews in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Health Calls List

As promised, here is the list of our health calls.

Shaklee Health Sciences holds a monthly conference call where we present interesting and timely topics related to your health, including relevant scientific and nutritional research and more.  These insights will help you on your own pathway to wellness

These calls are very informative and are free. Learn more about how to keep you and your family healthy.

The newest one will take place on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 5:30 pm PT | 6:30 pm MT
7:30 pm CT | 8:30 pm ET

You will learn about the various health challenges women face throughout their lives, including the latest nutrition recommendations during pregnancy, natural approaches to reducing hot flashes and why it's so important for women of all ages to engage in lifestyle strategies to reduce their risk of osteoporosis and heart disease. 

Don’t miss this important webinar!

Here are the details:

Date:  Wednesday, May 9th
Time: 5:30 pm Pacific, 6:30 pm Mountain, 7:30 pm Central, 8:30 pm Eastern, 9:30 pm Atlantic

Webcast link: 

Please take a moment to click on the link above before the live webcast and pre-register and Test Your System.  Doing so will ensure you can enter the webcast quickly and easily when it's time for the live event. 

If you won't have access to a computer, you can participate by dialing 1-512-225-3211 / 865562#.   
The recording of this webcast will be available a few days following the live webcast, accessible via the same link as above.  The audio portion of this webcast will be placed on rebroadcast shortly after the conclusion of the live webcast at 1-512-404-1255, press 2.

Below are some archived Health Sciences calls that have already taken place.

They are in MP3 format and you can hear them straight from your computer. Just click on the link. Make sure you have Real Player or some other audio playing program and that your speakers are on.

We will try and give you ample notice of the upcoming calls, but don’t worry if you miss one since they are archived and you can listen to them at your convenience.

The latest one is: The Environment and Your Health - from 4/11/12 Some things talked about are:

·         BPA – What is it? What is it in? Why is it banned in certain containers and in different countries?
·         Water – What are the benefits of drinking enough? How does the body use it? What’s in your water and is it safe?
·         Seafood – What is coming along for the ride in your seafood? What is safe and what isn’t?
·         Latest research in vitamin deficiencies.

Please let us know when you listen to a call and tell us what you think about it. Some things we like to hear are:
·         What did you learn that you didn’t know before?
·         Did you learn something that impacts you or your family?
·         What did you like? Didn’t like?

Want to learn more? See some archived ones from earlier this year -

·         Eat Healthier / Myths About Food and Nutrition / Diabetes - from 3/14/12 (This is a really good one and I was surprised about the myths we all tend to believe about food.)
·         Heart Health Webinar Introducing Triple Strength CoQHeart® - from 2/8/12 (how Coenzyme Q10, resveratrol, and more can help your heart)
·         Say Hello to Cinch® - Audio from the Cinch Webinar held on 1/11/12 (weight loss info)

Questions? Have a specific issue you want to learn more about?

Contact us and we will be happy to help! We are here to serve your needs and answer your questions.

Wishing you all the best,

Want to keep on the latest in health & wellness and more?

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Our Shaklee Website: www.tobehealthy.myshaklee.com

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