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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Know the Story Before You Judge - Part 2

The previous story got me to thinking of all the ways we tend to judge other people without even knowing them.

And for the record, I am also guilty of judging people, so I’m not saying I haven’t done it myself. I am ashamed though of the times I did.

Here are some examples:

  • When you see a parent with their child on what appears to be a “leash” – Before you condemn, know that the child may be severely autistic or mentally handicapped and is prone to running away. The parent is using the tether as an “emergency brake” not a leash.

  • When you see a young woman park her minivan and run inside the store – Don’t assume she’s lazy. What you may not know is she finally was able to get a spot close enough and is running inside to help her husband – a war veteran who lost his legs in Afghanistan and is trying to carry things out that are too heavy and bulky for him in his wheelchair.

  • When you see an overweight woman looking sadly at this seasons swimwear – Don’t say under your breath, “Try staying away from McDonalds more.” What you don’t see is a heartbroken woman whose husband left her for a younger woman and is refusing to pay child support. She now has to work 2+ jobs just to take care of her children and has no time to take care of herself.

  • When you see what appears to be a nasty older man cut in front of you in the supermarket parking lot – Don’t judge him as mean and nasty. What you don’t know is he lost all his retirement savings when the recession hit, his wife is terminally ill and he’s going to pick up yet another expensive pain medicine for her and there’s no money left for food this week.

  • When you see a young person looking lost and sullen – Don’t assume they are just another spoiled child who doesn’t care about anyone, but themselves. What you don’t know is that young person just lost his mother to cancer, his father is heartbroken and has taken to drinking and abusing the teen and this young person’s dream of going to college to study art or music is now gone.

What are some other examples of judging have you experienced?

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